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This playerworld was at one time a preview world, selected by the Playerworld Administration team in order to increase visibility and help the playerworld's staff team in hiring new members.


Graal Ghetto is a modern-styled server. Although Graal Ghetto doesn’t just include guns, modern buildings and houses, there are also many other random weapons to use, such as the swords, bows, futuristic guns.

Graal Ghetto is a more “underground” server, you can’t expect justice or generosity on this server, everyone survives by its own! So watch out because anything goes on this server.







Shadow, who is the current manager of Graal Ghetto, started making a Classic styled server, but then changed his mind and decided to make a modern styled server to make it more fun. Shadow had a rough time developing the server, since he had trust issues with his staff he started making eveything by his own and then joined forces with Darkfalz, and they both created Soul Society.

Soul Society went downhill and with was leftover Shadow decided to make Graal Ghetto. After 2-3 years of developing and having a rollercoaster ride dealing with abusers and developers stealing content. This made Graal Ghetto been shutdown two times.




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