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As one of Graal Online's oldest playerworlds, Delteria is home to a long and rich history. While on Delteria, you'll find yourself entertained by its exciting events, helpful staff team, and thriving guild community. From events that require worldwide teamwork, to those for just you and your friends to play, Delteria has it all. We feature classic gameplay, and is easily accessible to new players.

New Developments

Delteria is currently in the process of developing a new overworld and re-scripting the majority of the server. Most of the server's systems are currently being redone, as well as many new features added.

Hosted Events

One of the main things to do on Delteria is participate in events and tournaments. Delteria currently has 13 events, some of which are the same with slight differences (such as theme).

List of Events
Skill Luck Race
Free-For-All Chance Chair Race
Free-For All 2 Lucky Doors Chair Race 2
Jousting Star Grab Bush Race
Bush Race 2
Water Race
Horse Race
Crate Race

Server Events

Opposed to Hosted Events -- Server Events are events that can happen anywhere on the server.

Zombie Invasions

  • Hosted by most staff!
    • Objective: You must locate the Zombie-Staff member and kill it! The person who lands the finishing blow will receive rewards.

Hide And Seek

  • Hosted by high staff!
    • Objective: You must locate the hidden staff member and say 'found!' to win. You will be given several hints during the course of the event, as the Staff member can be hidden anywhere in the game.

World Bosses

  • Hosted by high staff on special occasions!
    • Objective: To be revealed.


This is only the higher-up staff, staff members in italics are considered server administrators.

Nick Position
Carlito Manager / PWA
Fae Development Manager
WarrLordd Project Lead
Stlth Game Master Administrator

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