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A young Akra is destroying the kingdom, and you, the chosen one is needed. You need to get your job done, but you have to protect your kingdom as well through all the attacks as the other kingdoms attack to take over Shaded Legend and bring Arka to justice... Start your journey today, and discover the adventure of Shaded Legend!

Current Management & Adminstration

Account Position Years
CujoDaMan Manager 2005 - Present
alissalee Asst. Manager 2011
Devil_Lord2 Acting Asst. Manager/Server Admin 2006, 2012
OddysseyP2P Server Admin 2012
linkoraclehero Development Admin 2012

Interview with CujoDaMan

This interview was conducted by Global News Team representative, MattKan, who interviewed CujoDaMan, the leader of the revival of Shaded Legend. Please note that minor revisions and edits were made by the same person who conducted the interview to help readers better understand some of the things that were said.

Global News Team: Hi, I'm MattKan from the Global News Team, and I would like to take this opportunity to interview you on the upcoming server that everybody is talking about: Shaded Legend. It is my understanding that you are the manager of this project, which is a revival of a fantastic server from long ago. Is that correct?

CujoDaMan, Manager of Shaded Legend: That is correct. Shaded Legends was an old playerworld that many players loved...from the early 2000s until about June of 2006 [when] the management team...left.

GNT: Interesting. I have heard rumors about other failed revival projects of this server, [and I know many Graalians are concerned this will be another.] Are those rumors true or false?

Cujo: These rumors are true. The reason [the revival projects] failed mostly is because the [project leaders] trying to revive Shaded Legend had decided to tear everything apart and make it into a new server. [In addition,] they also did not have permission from the previous management team. Under no circumstance am I tearing anything apart from Shaded Legend. Everything will be kept the same, with new additions to create more fun and excitement for the players.

GNT: I see. I personally like your way better. So what exactly is it that kept Shaded Legend on the server list for so many years- [What is it that] will put it back on for more to come?

Cujo: Well there are many reasons. One of the main reasons was the adventuring you had to do through the server. Our quests are all adventures through the server. We keep adding quests as the months go on to provide new parts to the storyline, which will keep players coming back. The server was also known for its events; many people say that the events on Shaded Legend are the best they have ever played on any server. We will be concentrating on [creating] more events and making these events that everyone knew better. You could also spend your time mining and woodcutting, which [provides items] that you will be able to use the create things. For example, from woodcutting, you can craft a raft to explore the waters of Shaded Legend.

GNT: That sounds neat. I can already tell that the questing is going to be a big part of the server based on the intro quest I played a couple days ago. This intro led me to believe that there was going to be a big Zelda-like adventure coming later on. Can you tell me more about this?

Cujo: Yes. I don't want to get into many details, but, after the intro, you will start your adventure through Shaded Legend, talking to people, fighting off bad guys, and more. Zelda was an adventure, just like Shaded Legend. I don't want to ruin anything, so I don't want to expand on details. [On a side note,] we may have a Zelda-like shop feature in the future, as well.

GNT: Well I think we can all look forward to the surprises that will [come] in the future. On the other hand, you mentioned events as a big part of the server. Can you tell me what makes these events the best on Graal. Can you explain how your events system will work?

Cujo: I honestly can only speak for myself, [but] we have unique events that are only known on Shaded Legend. One, for example, is bar brawl. Bar Brawl is an event where you and the other players break out into a brawl using pots, and bushes and items around the bar. We also have the classic events such as Bomberman, Gravity PK Battle, Game Shows, CTF, Battle Royal, Team BR, and much more fun events. The event prizes have really kept players entertained throughout the server years. We are also working onto create newer prizes as we speak. No details will be released about them.

GNT: [These events] sound really fun. Now, you mentioned the item collection and the raft; what other examples of this [kind of gameplay] are there?

Cujo: Right now, with the woodcutting, we only have a raft. With the ores you receive from mining, you can craft new pick axes. With gold ores, you can craft a golden pick axe. With diamond ores, you can craft a diamond pick axe. Each new pick axe you craft, you can mine quicker and you gain skill faster. We are going to be working on creating more things. They have [already] been started, but i do not want to release those details yet.

GNT: Alright. What are some other things about Shaded Legend that are completely unique, [things] that no other servers have seen?

Cujo: Unique to Shaded Legend is mainly our events and story line. [The storyline] is the big reason Shaded Legend was a popular server. The spells are another big thing that the players liked, we have unique spells and weapons for the players to use. We also have a monster that you can summon using a special tool, that you can ride around the server on. I shall not be giving that out. If you have been around the server, you may have seen me riding it a few times.

GNT: Awesome. Can you tell our readers how far along in development you are? How much longer will it be before the server makes its way to Hosted or Classic?

Cujo: The small development team that we have has been working day and night to get everything functional. We have applied for hosted and should be under inspection process this week. We are coming along great! We still have a good bit of work [that needs] to be done [on] the remaining part of the overworld that [is] closed off right now. We need to fix quests and scripts on the closed off areas. We are not trying to rush anything. The development has been coming along great.

GNT: I just have a couple more questions. For users who are interested in helping your server, well, will you continue to be hiring? If so, what positions and how can they apply?

Cujo: What a great question. I have had a lot of people coming [to me] and asking me if they can be part of the Events Team, GP Team, or FAQ Team, and simply my answer is no, not yet. I am currently hiring, and will continue to be hiring, development staff. I am looking for members to be added to my Level Team and Scripting Team. They can apply by simply logging onto Shaded Legend and saying /lat on player [chat] for an LAT Application or /nat on player for an NAT Application. They can also PM me on the Graal Forums (CujoDaMan) stating what postion they would like to apply for and we will do an application process through the forum. I will be hiring a small amount of Events, GPs, and FAQs if we get on the hosted tab. There will not be many hired when we are hosted - maybe 2 of each. I would prefer previous experience of Shaded Legend for the FAQ team members. [Interested applicants] can check the server for more updates on staff hirings as they come.

GNT: That definitely answers my question. So is there anything else that players need to know before we close this interview?

Cujo: I just want everyone to know that we have the server open as a Beta for players, and it will continue to be if we get on the Hosted tab for a certain [period] of time. With the Beta, we just want players' help finding bugs that may have been missed by the Development Team. If a player comes along a bug, they can post it in the thread on the forums or PM a staff member online at the time, and we will work to fix the bugs. We will also be taking player suggestions on what they want in the server. I'd also like to thank the Development team and the work they have been putting together. I appreciate it.

GNT: Well it was really good talking to you! Good luck with your server, and I know that I am really excited for the server to succeed just as it did before. Have a good day.

Cujo: Thank you for giving me this interview, and I hope you have a great day. See everyone on Shaded Legend!