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Servers made by Graal players using the developmental and administrative tools produced and made available by GraalOnline. These include the level editor, GScript, and the infamous Remote Control.


GraalOnline's decision to allow players to purchase playerworlds has been met with mixed responses from the developmental community. Previously, playerworlds were only available by application and subsequent review by the Playerworld Administration Team. This system was not without corruption, but it was generally considered that it kept standards high whilst allowing good content to be created and showcased. Proponents of this new scheme point out that Graal is a business, and that, like any business, it must raise extra finances to assist its survival and expansion. However, its opponents counter that, as anyone with an idea and $99 can now afford to construct their own world, the quality and prestige of Graalian playerworlds is dropping, as no skill is required to get started. Regardless, some truly excellent worlds have found niches in this system, and due to this and the relative financial success of the scheme, it is not likely to be changed any time soon.

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