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GScript is Graal's scripting language.

Its syntax and some of its semantics might seem familiar to those who program in C or Java, it uses ECMA-Script syntax. In some ways it is more dynamic, e.g. supporting dynamicly joining and leaving of classes, and brings support for easy management of online game content.

It is used for clientside tasks like GUI programming, special effects and custom weapons, and serverside systems like player housing, complex baddies or pets.

If you would like to contribute to the GraalBible's GScript documentation, you might want to read this article.


In your scripting quest, you may find the following articles to be of use:

Basic information


Specific Features

Script Function List

These are frequently updated, to get the latest list run Graal with the -listscriptfunctions option. You can also get help about script functions with the /scripthelp <string> command on RemoteControl chat.

External Links

Tutorials and other helpful resources.