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Technical Information

The server will run inside of as a Facebook Application. This is possible because the V6 client is fully web based and will be able to run inside Windows Flash Player 10 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. No other technical information has been released at this point.

Gameplay / Information

The server is said to be a Facebook port of Era iPhone.


On March 29, 2011, a teaser thread was released on then GraalOnline Forums hinting that big news was due to come. Stephane, who had posted the thread, told of a contest saying that the three users who were first to correctly guess what the surprise would be permitted to beta test the program. Three lucky individuals who guessed Graal Facebook won the prize of testing the upcoming Facebook servers. The two servers that would be available on Graal Facebook were said to be ports of Classic iPhone and Era iPhone. (The Classic Facebook page can be found here). In addition, Stephane also stated that the server would be released in mid April. It has been released shortly after, not as a separate server - iPhone players and Facebook players play on the same server.

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