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Technical Information

The server runs inside of as a Facebook Application. This is possible because the V6 client is fully web based and will be able to run inside Windows Flash Player 10 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. As does Classic iPhone, this server fully supports Graal like any other server, which means it is possible for developers to use tools such as Graal Editor (and script using GScript2, of course) to build content that can be run on both the PC client and the Facebook Client.

Gameplay / Information

The server is a Facebook optimized direct port of Classic iPhone except for the small differences in the tileset and the levels.

A new VIP subscription feature has been added: for a fee of 7,500 gralats a month, players can purchase a VIP subscription. This subscription grants players the ability to play on the Classic Facebook server using their iDevices (as well as the ability to play Classic iPhone using their Classic Facebook account. (This gives players the much anticipated ability to play on Classic iPhone using their computers.) In addition, players are given a free VIP-only item once a month.

So far, VIP has suceeded, and is expected to continue to do so.


On March 29, 2011, a teaser thread was released on then GraalOnline Forums hinting that big news was due to come. Stephane, who had posted the thread, told of a contest saying that the three users who were first to correctly guess what the surprise would be permitted to beta test the program. Three lucky individuals who guessed Graal Facebook won the prize of testing the upcoming Facebook servers. The two servers that would be available on Graal Facebook were said to be ports of Classic iPhone and Era iPhone. (The Era Facebook page can be found here). In addition, Stephane also stated that the server would be released in mid April. For a few months, no information was released about the server, and Graalians were starting to lose hope that the server would ever release.

Thoughts that the server would never be released were proven wrong on July 13, 2011; the Graal Facebook Application was released. The server so far has been a key part of the VIP update that was presented to the players of both this server and Classic iPhone - see Gameplay / Information (above) for more information on VIP.

Staff Team

iClassic is currently not publicly disclosing their staff list.

Screenshot Gallery

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