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Symphonia is A medieval server, where you can collect, sell or trade vast assortment of weapons, swords, and armors. Symphonia provides the perfect place for you, as a player, to chat, battle baddies, train and team up. Symphonia is currently under the management of Fly, and Symphonia started late May this year. Lots of progress has been made in the comming months and we hope to be open to players soon. Much progress has been going on in the past couple of months whilst our server has been closed to the puplic, and because of this we have got much done as we have not been distracted...So check out Symphonia Forumsto see when we will be opening soon. Also for any information on hirings and future developments.


Many a year ago, the lands of Symphonia began to separate, not only between the nations, but physically as well. The ground began to crack and crumble and drift in all directions, leaving many islands, separating the many creatures and races that lived on these vast, vibrant lands.

Now, many years later, these monsters and races have developed the abilities to survive in their new lands and climates, allowing others to harness their teachings of their themselves, their skills and their abilities. Bringing forth power to the people of distant lands.


Well...Symphonia is all about medieval stuff, like swords etc. The storyline for the moment is being developed and you will soon know about this. But somethings we have planed for Symphonia are Quests, Events, Races & Classes (Weapons and Weapon strengths will need certain Classes/Races.), Playerhouse where you can buy and sell furniture for you to decorate to your own standards. Other things that we will have are ways to make money...such as mining, fishing etc. There also may be some local guilds, nations or whatever you wish to call them, up and running and you may get the chance to own one of these and run it to your standard.