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Rudora Bank
Screenshot of Rudora Bank

Rudora was one of the original Classic playerworlds of GraalOnline. It was originally created by Spark911, Wan and Fox, and has since been managed by GrowlZ and, now, Skyld. It maintains a strong classic theme using the default tileset. For the past few years, Rudora has been under slow redevelopment by Skyld, renewing the scripted features (including a complete conversion to the new GScript language) and a freshen up of the overworld. A number of new jobs have been added.

Playerworld Status

Rudora is currently a private playerworld, although it has previously been on both the Classic and the Hosted tabs.

Current Staff

Skyld is the only person currently working on the project.

New Features

A compliment of new features has been added to the older overworld in order to improve gameplay.

  • A new ratings system has been added that gives players three separate ratings: a PK rating (or otherwise known as your regular rating), a spar rating and a quest rating. This is a value out of 100 that starts at 50 and improves with more kills and worsens with more deaths. This serves as a replacement to the aging AP system. Your AP is updated as you enter different levels, for instance, as you enter a spar level, your AP is changed to match your spar rating. A scoreboard system is in place to show the top five PK, spar and quest ratings from players on the server.
  • Rudora uses a hybrid HP system that distributes tasks between the clientside and the serverside. Quests and events can easily use clientside HP to improve response times.
  • A simple item system has been added that allows item collection, trading and selling. A marketplace has been added which allows players to rent stalls and sell their items to other players. With it, a new scripted inventory has been added which allows players to select and equip items, as well as drop them and see information about them. The inventory menu is accessible by keyboard (Q key, up and down) and by mouse (clicking on the top-left icon and then scrolling and clicking the item you want). For additional device compatibility with platforms such as the iPhone, it is possible to scroll up and down on the list by dragging with your finger.
  • A new events system has been added making it much easier for Events Team to announce, host and end events, and distribute event coins. Players can join and leave events as they wish.
  • Both new and old jobs have been added to the server, including fishing, berry picking, tree cutting, vine growing, mining and crafting. All produced items from these jobs can be sold, and some can be used for other jobs such as crafting new items. The old Lottery has been readded too.
  • A new guilds system allows players to create local guilds, providing they have the support of at least 5 other players. Importance will be brought back to guilds by providing some guild events and quests, although some guilds may require that you have a certain rating first!
  • Hats have been added with a new hat shop and dynamic pricing. The prices of hats are changed automatically to reflect upon their rarity. A hat that is bought more often will go down in price, and a hat that is bought less often will stay at a higher price (as it is classed "more rare"). Special hats will be added for certain guilds and also a couple of collector hats will be moved into circulation.