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The current overworld will be replaced by a larger one soon. It will have more of a square shape, allowing players to roam Dark Rival a bit more. It will also have many more secrets than the current overworld. Eventually, there will be 3 active overworlds, for the three parts of the Dark Rival storyline. We are currently adding features to DR now. Including longer quests for rare items, more exclusive items and games, Auction House, marketplace, pets, games, lotteries, casino games, and more! There may be some small bugs, if you have any trouble, use the in game bug report system (found in the Player System weapon, under systems), or e-mail Excaliber (the owner) at


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Dark Rival is trying out for the hosted tab. Wish us luck! DR recently introduced an in game Computer for staff to test. Basically, it allows the players to send e-mails to each other, chat off the IRC, in game, go on the internet, and soon, play games. After a few days testing we will release it to the public (it will be released without games, however, you will receive a freebie or two automatically, and most you will have to buy). Start saving your money up!


Dark Rival first went online July 27th 2005. From there it grew from having around 400 levels to well over 1000 now. For the longest time, Dark Rival was one of the fastest growing servers around. However, due to popularity, lack of staff activity, and a slow internet connection on the owner's part, the server was shut down. Excaliber has decided to RESTART Dark Rival! It will take a while, due to the lack of Mac dev tools >=( Once these are available, DR can come back to life.

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Dark Rival is basically a three part story, played out on three different overworlds. So far, only one of these overworlds is near completion, and will soon be replaced by an even larger overworld. This is actually the middle part of the story. You play as yourself in the first part, taking over for a hero who has disapeared. Then you enter a flashback, and play as the old hero, finding out more about the plot. Finally, you team up to defeat the 'Dark Rival' in the final part, introducing new ways of playing graal. After that, it's up to the players to see what direction Dark Rival will go in, as they have to 'rebuild' the world after Ceverous (the Dark Rival) is defeated, and there will be a power struggle for control of the world, as 2 nations fight for control. It's going to be a very realistic, time and player based server, and I hope you can be a part of it!

Play Now:

Follow this link to play Dark Rival now!

Join in on the action!

graal://Dark Rival


Staff application (we need LATs NATs and GATs):


Fishing -fish using two different rods to earn money.

Fishing pic.png

Mining -mine up loose rock, then search through the piles to find minerals

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Shoveling -search the ground for money, this can only be done on soft grass

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Wood Chopping -Help an elderly man build his lodge by chopping and delivering wood to him from the local area.


Soon to come



-Bounty Hunting

Current staff:


Excaliber, Excaliber7388 (Owner/Manager):

336,Vima (Co/manager)

Neu, (Events Admin)

Shad, xshadx (Admin)

John, silverice (GAT Admin)

Sam, lisia (FAQ Admin)


We are hiring LATs, NATs, GATs, Events, and Gps. We also could use someone who can convert normal levels into gmap format.


LATs, (Level Administration Team) would be responsible for the uploading, maintnence, and developement of levels. Currently, we are making a new overworld, so much of the work would go to making a unique world.

NATs, (NPC Administration Team) would be responsible for the uploading, maintnence, and creation of new and exciting scripts and NPCS. Dark Rival has many weapons, and unique systems, and the NAT's input is greatly appreciated.

GATs, (GFX Administration Team) would be responsibe for the uploading, maintnence, and creation of new, unique graphics.

The application is here:

How to become a good staff member

ALWAYS practice your skills. If yo're an LAT, look at levels other players have made the Graal forums, [1]is a great place to do this. The forums aren't just good for LATs, however, they provide help on scripting, ganis, and gfx. It's a great place to learn, and become a part of the Graal community. I suggest to all current DR staff, and to all potential staff, to take advantage of the forums, Graal Bible, and any other resources they can find to become better developers. If you want to become an Events Team member, or a GP, I suggest asking other Events/GPs on multiple servers about their jobs, what they have to do, and how they became staff. Play on the server a lot, follow all the rules on that server, and play events. Really, this goes for all possitions as well. Get to know the server before you apply. Dark Rival, and the rest of Graal for that matter, is always looking for more developers, and more staff. It's not to hard to learn, so get a jump on it now! I hope to see you as staff on Dark Rival in the future! -Excaliber Owner/Creator of Dark Rival