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Zone iPhone is a server specificity designed for compatibility with the iPhone. Zone iPhone can be accessed via a special version of the Mac Graal client only available for the iPhone. It was released on 19th of December 2012.



Zone iPhone takes various aspects from Era iPhone, Shangri-la, and Zone to create a final standpoint. Your objective as a player is to advance through the ranks via Missions. Be aware, most missions will require a group (or a squad, as Zone iPhone players like to call it) to be able to successfully complete. It also offers a 360-degree projectile system, which allows for more widespread shooting and more accurate shooting than that of Era iPhone's. Once the missions become a drag and are not granting enough currency, you can go ahead and head on over to the PK Arena to earn currency via killing other players with bounty on their head. Zone iPhone also features an extensive line of Planets and vehicles to venture around on.

Technical Information

Zone iPhone, as well as all iPhone servers, runs a specially modified Mac Graal client. The client runs off the same engine as normal Graal clients and is able to execute GSscript2 code. This means that it is possible to develop content for both the iPhone client and the normal client at the same time using the same tools normally used for development, such as the level editor, Remote Control, and Graal Shop.

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