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Server Information


Europa is an upcoming Graal server led by Vinka. He has worked extremely hard to finally present this preview of his server.

Europa will be a server with graphics similar to servers such as Graal Kingdoms, including a painted tileset that Vinka has created. On the other hand, however, the gameplay will be similar to servers such as Graal Classic. If you are interested in viewing more information written by Vinka himself, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and view an interview that was conducted with him.

Staff Team and Hirings

Europa is still looking for new members to its expanding staff team. For more information, please view Europa's Hiring Thread.

Here is a list of current staff. Please note that the staffing of Europa may seem different than that other servers in terms of administration; Vinka, Europa's Project Leader, encourages an environment where all of his staff work together at an equal level with an equal rank. Each staff has equal rights to other staff in terms of management, and should govern themselves and seek help from Vinka or other members of their team when they have questions or need help. Also those who help the server from time to time, but aren't necessarily a full time staff have been organized under the "Contributors" category. ,

Project Leader:

Development Team


A Moment With Vinka

Vinka, the owner and manager of Europa, has graciously agreed to take part in an interview about his server. Here it is!

Global News Team: I've heard a lot of interesting things about Europa and I've decided that I it would be great if I interviewed you to accompany your new hiring thread! Could you summarize in a few sentences what your server, Europa, is all about?

Vinka: Europa is basically my own vision of what Graal needs in a server. Simplicity, user friendliness, engaging events, and distinct graphics; Europa utilizes a gameplay much like Classic, but with more of a visual inspiration from Graal Kingdoms.

GNT: Okay. I think readers are interested in even more in-depth questions, so I will be asking you some others. Next up... I know that Europa has not only an interesting storyline, but one that operates in a way that Graal has not yet seen. Can you give some insight about this?

Vinka: I liked the idea of having the storyline unfold and build as you go, as if you were the co-author, instead of viewing the storyline on a set track. Lots of focus on player and non-player interaction. We're using the story to help you decide which side you"ll take. You were once the king over the lands of Europa, until your death two centuries prior. Since then utter chaos has emerged and you have been resurrected to rebuild and save Europa.

GNT: That does sound interesting. I will most definitely be playing Europa when the server hits its final release! Another thing to catch my eye on Europa was the amazing graphical style. There seems to be a mixture of a "artsy" theme and a "cartoony" theme. How do you plan for this theme to continue to develop? Is there any advice you would like to give to people who are reading this that wish to be graphic artists for your server?

Vinka: We're still pretty much in the experimentation phase. I am looking for a working combination of our own artsy/painted graphics and pixel art. The style is slowly finding its solid foundation. If I were to give any advice for any graphic artists willing to apply is to be flexible and dare to step out of your comfort zone. The style won't be too sctrict and I'd really love other people's stylistic ideas and suggestions.

GNT: Sounds cool. From my understanding, Europa will have a kingdoms system that is similar to Maloria. How will your server's gameplay vary from Maloria's? What unique things will Europa have to offer?

Vinka: What is a 'Maloria'? Next question.

GNT: Interesting... Well, thanks for taking the time to answer the previous questions I've asked; however, to close this interview, I have one more thing to ask: What do you plan to develop on Europa that will be most exciting for you? What part of Europa will send a surge of excitement throughout the Graalian world?

Vinka: One of the greater things we have planned is the Kingdoms System. There will be frequent hosted Nation Wars, in which you can gain "Honor Points," the currency of Europa. This introduces diverse aesthetic items for your avatar, kingdom ranks, houses, and many more planned rewards.

GNT: Intersting... Well, again, I appreciate your time today and look forward to covering any future news about Europa. Best of luck to you and your server!

Server Snapshots

Here are some snapshots showcasing what Europa has to offer. Please be aware that some drawings may be sketches merely designed to ignite ideas about the server. Others may be of work that is incomplete, but should provide a vision of what the server will be when development comes to a close.

Conceptual Corner

Here are some drawings that were created to inspire the theme and direct the development of Europa:

Europaconcept1.png Europaconcept2.jpg
East VS West The Two Kingdoms
Map of Europa

Worldwide Wander

The following pictures are of various landmarks that can be found around the world of Europa.

Europa1.png Europa2.png
King's Grave Epa's House
Europa3.png Europa4.png
Western Kingdom Road Western Market
Europa5.png Europa7.png
Western Market Hat Store