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Graal Skills is a game server in which players can play Card/Arcade style to compete against other players or break high scores.


Card Games

Play some of the most favoured card games, each with an easy-to-use interface and skilled computer players!


Play Poker Texas Hold'em! Each player receives two cards which are only visible to him/her. Together with the 5 cards in the middle of the table you need to form a hand that is stronger than the hand of the other players. But those cards are only revealed after some rounds of betting. Choose wisely if you call (bet the same amount the previous player was betting), raise your bet, or fold your hand to not risk loosing your money to an even better opponent.


Players in france call it Belote, Contrée, Coinche or La vache depending on where they live, but the spirit of the game is always the same: a challenging card game that is played with teams, where beside the cards in your hand your way of playing is also very important. When you create a new party then you can also modify the rules to match your favoured way of playing the game. If you cannot find three friends for playing, then the computer will replace the missing players and play with a good level of AI.


Play Tarot! You can either play vs computer or with 2, 3 or 4 friends. Basic rules: The game is played with 21 trumps, one joker, and 4 colors each of 14 cards (1..10, jack (V), cavalier (C), queen (D) and king (R)). You need to play the same color, if you can't then use a trump. Joker always works. For more information: Tarot Rules

Pool Billiard

Play this popular bar game where you push the balls into the table pockets! You can either play 8-Ball (balls are split into solid and stripes), 9-Ball (pott the 9-Ball by playing the lowest ball on the table), Straight (first who potts 8 balls wins) or Snooker (pott a red, then a color).


Play this popular bar game where you push the balls into the table pockets! The first pocketed ball decides which type of balls you need to play - either the solid colored balls or striped balls. The opponent is then playing the other type. You can see the color of ball you need to play near your name. You need to play the 7 balls of your color and then pot the black ball into any pocket, but don't play the black ball before that because it will immediatelly end the game.


The goal of this pool variant is to pot the yellow striped ball - the 9-Ball. You are not allowed to play that ball directly, you need to either pot the lowest valued ball or use that ball to pot the 9-Ball indirectly. 9-Ball is very popular as a professional pool game.


In Straight pool the player with most pocketed balls is winning. Since there are exactly 15 balls you require 8 balls to win. The balls don't need to be played in a particular order.


Snooker is a pool variant with 15 red balls, 6 colored balls and one white ball. The players must score one red ball (worth 1 point) and then a colored ball (worth 2-7 points), which is then placed back on the table. When all red balls are potted then the end-game is played where the colored balls must be potted starting with the lowest valued ball, the yellow ball, and finishing with the black ball. If you do a foul then the opponent gains a minimum of 4 points and up to 7 points depending on if you have played a higher valued ball wrongfully. The balls will be placed back on the table and you will need to repeat the play. By trapping the opponent into a situation where he cannot easily hit the desired balls you can gain a lot of points. Such a situation is called "snooker".

Board Games

Play against the high skilled computer players in Chess or Checkers, or invite a friend to play a round of Mahjongg or Reversi! If you like to train your brain then try to solve the Sudoku puzzles!


Play Chess online against other players or against the computer! The game is played on a checkered 8x8 board, one side controls the white and the other side the black pieces. The goal of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king by bringing him into a situation where he is under attack (in check) and cannot escape.


game is also known as Draughts. It's played on a checkered 8x8 board or on a 10x10 board, one side controls the white and the other side the black pieces. Normal pieces can only move one step diagonally forward, but can also capture backwards. Once you reach the farthest row forward (kings row) then the piece becomes a king and can move any distance and also diagonally backwards. In tournaments the 10x10 board is preferred. Also the computer only plays on the 10x10 board.


Play Mahjongg solitaire! The goal of the game is to remove all 144 tiles by finding pairs of identical tiles. Only tiles that don't have a neighbour on either the left or right side can be removed. Also keep an eye on the clock or you will run out of time before solving the puzzle. If you are lost and can't find any matching tiles then you can also use a hint.


Play Reversi with another player or against the computer! The game is also known as Othello. One side plays with white coins and the other side with black coins. The goal is to cover the majority of the board with your own coins. Each round you can place one coin: this turns any opponents coin that is in a straight or diagonal line between the new coin and your other coins into your own color. If you cannot turn any opponents coin into your own color then you must pass. When most fields are covered by coins then a single coin can often flip dozens of opponents coins and completely change the outcome of the game. Keep care to not lose the important corner fields to your opponent!


Place numbers intelligently to have each row, column and block never contain the same number twice. The game makes it possible to mark lines or fields with the same number to make it easier to detect problems. You can choose between easy, medium and hard puzzles.

Arcade Games

Play the arcaded games if you like action! In BomberMad you can play against 4 friends - place bombs and keep care to not run into an explosion! Collect items to power up your bombs and try to trap your enemy. In Marble Flip you swap marbles to line up 3 marbles of the same color. Use combos to send time bombs to your enemy! Marble Maze, Asteroids and Invaders X are based on classic game ideas and let you hunt for high scores.


Bomb up your enemy! Try to beat the strong computer player or play against up to 4 other players. You can collect various items for increasing the power of your bombs, the number of bombs you can lay at the same time, a glove to throw bombs or a remote control to let the bombs explode from a safe distance.

Marble Flip

Swap the marbles to make lines of 3 marbles of the same color! Click on two neighboured marbles to exchange them. This game requires some luck, but also good eyes. Keep an eye on the time bar, each successful combination of marbles adds more time. With combos (removal of more than 3 marbles at once) you get stars which let you buy hints or time. In the multiplayer mode you can even "bomb" your friends using stars, that will reduce their precious time.

Marble Maze

In MarbleMaze you are controlling a ball through a 3D isometric labyrinth and must collect all the gems. Controlling a rolling ball is not as easy as it might sound, especially on slopes or when jumping over cliffs.


Asteroids is a space shooter where you can turn your space ship by 360 degrees and must avoid collisions with asteroids which always fly around you. Once you shoot at the asteroids they will split and become even more dangerous, until they completely vanish. Don't forget to collect the bonus items which refill your shield or give you super bombs.

Invaders X

Invaders X is a vertical shooter where you need to fight against a constant flow of enemy space ships approaching from the top of the screen.

Use Ctrl to fire or press Space to use your laser. Collect bonus items to get a more powerful shot, to refill your laser energy or to speed up your space ship.