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N-Pulse was founded in 1998 by Geovanie Legend, It has had many great Admins and Managers such as Nightfall, Saga, MoonGod, Rai, Zido, Jadynx, and others.

On N-Pulse if you wish to get cash, there are some things you can do such as mining, PKing, fishing (for fish and sharks), selling event coins, and trading items.

N-Pulse is one of Graal's older playerworlds, originally founded by Geovanie. Since that time it has endured various makeovers and spinoffs (including Geovanie's 'Tierdal').

Currently, it is under the leadership of Ducati as the server Manager, Matt as the Co Management and Ogodei as the Server Administrator.

Currently, N-Pulse is mostly an events player world with a few interesting jobs. Almost anyone can get into the fun and innovative game play easy and enjoy the large number of events available.

N-Pulse has one of the better designed and organized Events Systems where events are constantly being held within a reasonable waiting time. Players can earn coins by winning events, send coins to anyone, trade coins for gralats, or spend on toys found in the shops.

The N-Pulse forums can be found at

N-Pulse is not only Famous for its normal Events but also for it's Holiday Events. Examples: Halloween 2005 - Pumpkin Hunt: In each Pumpkin there was either a Random Item (Some were Rare), Event Coins, or Gralats. Some of the Items though were only released on that day and some were quantitized. During Holidays, items are always given out.



Ducati is the current Manager of N-Pulse.

Can be contacted via:


Matt is the Co Manager of N-Pulse.

Can be contacted via:

Server / Development Administration


Ogodei is the current a Server Administrator of N-Pulse.

Can be contacted via:

He can mostly be found on N-Pulse.