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This article describes one of Graal's under construction iPhone servers. The contents of this page are based on hugely under construction material that has not necessarily been confirmed by GraalOnline management as an upcoming server.

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This article is currently being written or rewritten by Tig.

Kingdoms iPhone is a server specificity designed for compatibility with the iPhone. Kingdoms iPhone is currently under development, but will be able to be accessed via a special version of the Mac Graal client only available for the iPhone.

Technical Information

Kingdoms iPhone, as well as all iPhone servers, runs a specially modified Mac Graal client. The client runs off the same engine as normal Graal clients and is able to execute GSscript2 code. This means that it is possible to develop content for both the iPhone client and the normal client at the same time using the same tools normally used for development, such as the level editor, Remote Control, and Graal Shop.