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This article is related to the Graal Online news. The latest news can be found on the News page, the login server of the graal client or on the Graal Online website and is managed and controlled by the Global News Team. If you need help with the news please visit the Graal News and the News Guidelines pages.

This article has information about editing and updating the Graal Bible listing areas that may be helpful while contributing. Please use these pages if you are unsure or need help with using the Graal Bible.


The Graal News is distributed using the Graal Bible and can be submitted by anyone with an active gold subscription for any of the graal servers. Submitting news can be done in a few easy steps using wiki markup.

Getting Help

If you are unsure or need assistance in submitting news articles or want an article written for a server you can contact a member of the Global News Team to assist.

Global News Team Contact

For contacting the Global News Team, please refer to This Page.

Submitting News

First Step

The first step is to find the recent page for submitting news. The news is split up into different pages for the year and month of the news articles. Current news pages will be News/Year/Month. For example if you want to submit news for May 2009 the current page will be News/2009/May. News pages can commonly be found on the Recent changes page if news has already been submitted in the month, using the search tool or by using the news links below.

News Pages

Graal News Archive

Second Step

The second step is to create the header for the new article. The header contains the information needed for the new article such as the date the article was posted, the title of the article, and the template of the article.

The date of the article can be input using this code.

* '''April 1st'''

The title of the article can be input using this code.

'''News Title'''

The template of the article will display the image for a Graal Kingdoms sword and shield, a Zone bike, or the graal head for Playerworlds on the login server. Templates can be input using either one of the templates below.

Login icon graal2002.png Graal Kingdoms Template

{{News/Graal Kingdoms}}

Login icon playerworld2.png Zone Template


Graalicon big.png Playerworld Template


Graalicon big.png General News Template


GraalOnline News Pages

In addition to the images on the login server the templates will also divide the articles into the type for the news pages on

With each part of the header put together it should look something like this.

* '''April 1st''' - '''News Title''' {{News/Playerworlds}}

Third Step

The third step is writing the news article using a wide range of wiki code to help with formatting the article.

Formatting Code

Here is a short list of helpful code for formatting articles. For more help with editing pages click here.

Bold Text

'''Bold Text'''

Italic Text

''Italic Text''

External Links

[ title for the link]

Example of an active link: Graal Online

Internal Images


Align Text and Images

<left>text or image</left>
<right>text or image</right>
<center>text or image</center>

Fourth Step

The fourth step is optional but the article will look more eye catching with an interesting image. To upload an image to the graal bible click on the Upload file link under the toolbox section of the graal bible or the link provided on this page.

Once on the Upload file page click on the Browse button for the Source filename then navigate using the interface to find the image you want to upload.

Note: Images have to be 2 MB or less with the file formats png, gif, jpg, or jpeg.

To properly categorize the image, you should place this line somewhere in the image summary:

{{News Image|server=Your Server|date=Month Day, Year}}

For example,

{{News Image|server=Era|date=January 1st, 2010}}

When the image is uploaded you can display the image on the article by using this wiki code.


Last Step

The final and most important step is to proof read the article checking for any mistakes or errors in wiki code.

Example Article

* '''May 15th''' - '''News Example''' {{News/Playerworlds}}
This article is an example to show how to use the graal bible system to submit interesting news articles to the graalonline community displayed
on the login server of the graalonline client and on the graalonline website.