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I am the owner of, which unfortunately does not have any content at the time of writing aside from websites contributed from friends: Graal Statistics and GraalWiki.

I have made many contributions to Graal including but not limited suggestions and improvements to GScript and Graal4. I am currently a bureaucrat and sysop of the GraalBible, of which I make many contributions to.

I have written many third-party utilities for Graal such as clients, statistic tracking, bots, and much more.

I can usually be found lurking in the #gscript irc channel on freenode, or from time to time on various Graal servers such as Era, Graal Kingdoms, or Edge.


I have been playing Graal on and off since the early 1.2 and 1.3 versions.

Staff Positions

Ordered oldest to newest.


  • Edge, Owner
  • Era, Advisor under Skyld, previously Manager


  • World, Owner
  • RP Kingdoms, Developer
  • Significance (Now called Zone), Developer under Delph
  • Graal2230, Developer under Ghost Pirate
  • Era, Developer under Chrisz
  • Delteria, Scripter under Icepick
  • Rival, Owner and Scripter
  • Refuge, Owner and Scripter
  • The Expanse, Owner and Scripter
  • Argos (Prelude to Sanstrata), Developer under Prozac


Name Email address Admin level Free upgrades Banned? Comments
Rick 0/all None No None
Pipboy - 0/all None No None
Thought 0/all None No None
Mold 0/all None No This account was pruned when inactive accounts were deleted.


Please use my talk page for any comments, I'll get back to you when I can (if applicable).