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Graal4 is the newest version of the Graal game client. It is now available to all players, regardless of upgrade status.

Graal4 is a cross between Graal2 and Graal3, but also incorporates some new features such as the Global Playerlist, the Particle Engine and in-game IRC-like chat. It also supports much more GScript2 functionality than Graal3, and so is presently the best client to use for GScript2 development.

Unlike Graal3, Graal4 has a separate window for the playerlist, as the Graal2 client did. Along with the new version of Graal came a new Login server dedicated to redirecting players to other servers, but not without having a bit of entertainment available. As a part of the Login server, there is a "Games World" where such games as Tarot, billiards, and other gamess are available to be played. Most games can be played between multiple variables as well as veres a computer or alone. These games are made through Flash.

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