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MattKan is notoriously known as the black cat on Graal. Some say he was incarnated into a cat, and others say that he is really just a normal guy who dresses up in a cat costume on an online game. Either way, MattKan was given the name "MattKan the KattMan" by his friend, Imprint, and the name and character has lived on to this day.

MattKan joined Graal after discovering GraalOnline Classic in the app store in Spring of 2010. He had no clue what it was, but he downloaded it because he thought it looked like Zelda. KattMan has since moved on to PC development, most notably for his development and management of Stroseria and small roles in many other UC servers. Perhaps KattMan was added most to the vocabulary of the average (iPhone) Graalian during Kan's brief spell as a Player Relations member on Era iPhone.

The biggest thing that drives MattKan on Graal is just pure fun. He hates when he gets into arguments, and he wants to make the game better for him and everybody else. Afterall, what's life without a little bit of fun?


Account Community Name Admin level Banned? Years of Use
Graal752402 MattKan 0 / all No 2010 - Present

Current Staff Positions

Position Title Server Held Comments
Development Admin Stroseria July 2012 - Present Nerv was discontinued; became Stroseria after heavily editing various content

Notable Former Positions

Position Title Server Held Comments
Storyline Writer (Trial?) Kingdoms iPhone Around November 2010 to around March 2011 Team was disbanded due to inactivity
Global News Team N/a March 2011 to June 2011 Removed due to poor representation of GraalOnline
Events Team Unholy Nation May 2011 to July 2011 Resigned due to dispute among staff team
LAT Nerv Around May 2011 to Mid Summer 2011 Server was discontinued; elements from Nerv are being used on Stroseria
Player Relations Era iPhone March 2012 - May 2012 Moving on to new opportunities [1]