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Unholy Nation is notably one of the most popular GraalOnline playerworlds. It forms a large chunk of the player-base.


Unholy Nation was founded in June of 2001 by LiquidIce and AcidIce. Management was handed down to Dark Warlock in late 2002, early 2003.

Unholy Nation is also home to Questa and Treeman's House, arguably the most updated player house in Graal's history.

Recent previous managers have been RageVI, WiKKiD, RageVI (temp), Spryte, sub-zero, Spryte, and currently Crowfeather.

Unholy Staff Team

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Streety, Manta, GK


Joker, james544, Samurai_X2689, Dread, ranmalrac1, Chris, Aidyn4eva

-Graal Police

Okilian, dubby230, Hiro, jpcool123_4, Red, taylor, Infamous

-Graphic Team

Hyto_Kirra, Oni, LightDamage, Riku21, T0nda, lilian7592



-Levels Team

SlikRick, javierkid

-Events Team

four_swords, Jello, Unknown_Prophecy, Ace, NighT_StaR, Smoke, GracefulCharity, KaidaChan, Timez

-Event Developers

Ph8, Kavan

-Gani Team


-Scripting Team

Ron, C:, Ben Rain, Deas