Gold account

From Graal Bible

Originally an account that granted the user with unlimited access to the Graal Communication Center, and Gold Servers. The Gold Account was almost primarily designed to provide users with access to exclusive Servers such as Graal Kingdoms and Zone but was also used by developers to work on Under construction Playerworlds as an active Gold Account was required to connect to the Playerworld using the Remote Control.

Life Time Classic

If a Gold Account was purchased before version 5 of the Graal Client, the account receives a Classic Account status which grants life time access to Classic Playerworlds.

Gold Accounts after V5

After the implementation of version 5 of the Graal Client and the introduction of the new subscription and account system, Gold Accounts were changed and now are the only active Subscription available to purchase from the Shop tab of the Graal Client using Gelats, an electronic currency used for purchasing items from GraalOnline. These Gelats can be bought using Paypal or PayByCash services from the GraalOnline Store or via SMS or Phone. As it is the only Subscription available it is now required to be able to play Classic Playerworlds. Unless the account has been upgraded to a Gold Account status before the implementation of version 5 of the Graal Client and received life time access to Classic Playerworlds

Gold Servers