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Zero aka TrueZero (or Xores Thaynia when looking to be proper) is a man of many words. With a self-inspired future, he hopes to do great things.


Zero has never been quite known in the Graal community as a whole. He has however, made a name for him self in all of the servers that he has worked at.

Development Areas

Zero has mastered, in his eyes, most of the concepts of Graal scripting (in both GS1 and GS2). Every day is another day to find out a better way to make a certain script work faster, better and stronger.

Other fields entice this scripter too. He has great skill in the creation of Ganis, namely functional ones (rather then entertaining ones). Levels he can make rather fast an efficiently but the artistic side of tiling he does not quite have down pat. Graphics he lacks the most in but has enough knowledge to make sketches for what he needs and explain to someone more apt in such a field what should be created.

Current Projects

Name Location Position Comments
Graal3D Development Graal3D, Dev3D Zokemon Scripter/Designer Not Public
Graal Kingdoms Development Kingdoms Debug Scripter
Atexia Development Gileada Manager/Core Scripter Needs Graphic Artists
Bombermad Evolved Development Gileada Manager/Core Scripter On hold; Awaiting 3D capabilities.
The Graal Reform Global President

Known Accounts

Name Admin level Account status Banned? Comments
zokemon 0/none Classic Subscription, 3D Gold Subscription, 3D Developer Gold Subscription No Main account
Admin-Playerworld48 1/playerworld48 Expired No Gileada Admin Account


Zero has many contact options and always tries to keep him self available to any who wish to get a hold of him.

  • Aim - truezerograal
  • Yahoo - truezerograal
  • Msn - (Not a valid email)
  • Icq - 445368121
  • Email - private
  • Graal Forum PM

Zero can usually be found on:

  • Graal3D
  • Dev3D Zokemon
  • Zodiac
  • Kingdoms Debug
  • Gileada