Gold server

From Graal Bible

A Graal Server that requires a Gold account or VIP account to play on.


Gold accounts

Kingdoms Gold

Kingdoms Gold Accounts allow players to have full access to Graal Kingdoms.

Zone Gold

Zone Gold allows you to participate in certain areas of Zone that are flagged off for Zone Gold members only.

Playerworlds Gold

Playerworlds Gold allows you to play any playerworlds that are not on the gold list.

Developers Gold

Developer's Gold allows you to log on to all servers that are still currently under construction.

VIP accounts

VIP accounts have full access to Gold servers on Saturday only. Formerly, VIP accounts were able to play Gold servers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Classic accounts

As of June 2005, Classic accounts are allowed to log in and play on Gold servers, but their attributes are not saved.


There are currently 2 Gold servers.