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The Remote Control is a tool that comes with the Graal Client that can be used by high level staff members on all servers to manipulate major aspects of the server. With the Remote Control, you can, with the correct rights: Manipulate levels, NPCs, classes, server options, bans, player attributes, account information... However, most of the items listed are not available to the average person. You must have a Gold account status to access the Remote Control on Gold Servers or Hosted/Private Servers. The Remote Control is sometimes commonly refereed to as the "RC".

The external Remote Control client is available on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

see also: Linux RC

Client Remote Control

The client Remote Control (Also called Scripted RC) is a version of the external Remote Control accessed via the Graal Client instead of an external application. This Remote Control was scripted using GScript2 providing an easy update platform for new versions of the Remote Control with the added benefit of working for all operating systems supported by the Graal Client.

With the introduction of the client Remote Control, client playerlist and other integrated tools and features within the Graal Client it is likely to see fewer external tools in the future.

Remote Control 3

The third iteration of the Remote Control client is being developed my fp4 and has many new features not previously found in the older versions. It is currently in Beta for Microsoft Windows and has a yet to be released Mac OS X version being worked on.



Remote Control Skins

Remote Control Skins