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This playerworld was at one time a preview world, selected by the Playerworld Administration team in order to increase visibility and help the playerworld's staff team in hiring new members.

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Historical points of Atrius

Atrius has gone through the good and bad times, heres some historical points, events, and people of Atrius.

2002: Zeliatic point; Key Staff/players Manager: Frankie, Co-Manager(?)/Dev. Admin: MadJ Key Points Zeliatic was the beginning point of Atrius, where Frankie first began his journey to create a server that he had hopes on beating Era with someday, although after his small staff team betrayed him to make their own server, Atrius, Frankie did a bit of dev, and worked on ideas & levels before finally giving up and leaving MadJ to create his own modern server. MadJ would later hire Frankie as a general administrator and LAT Admin, along with bringing G-Man and Drogan with him for scripts & ganis.

2003: Atrius's beginning; Key Staff/players Manager: MadJ, Co-Manager: Drogan, GFX Admin: Carter, Player: James, Player: Brad Key Points After MadJ took over, Atrius was given many different things that made Atrius different, from early cars, to chess, a very nice events system, and a special gang & business system. But MadJ said that wasn't enough, and he wanted to go for a classic effect, and, with the help of Drogan, made the first sword ever for a modern server, the masamune. After Atrius had it's key points, people flocked to Atrius in the first few months of it being up. One of those players were James, an aspiring graalian who wanted to someday run his own gang or business on Atrius. During the mid point of the year, James and an aspiring Events Team member, Brad, got hired to a house-rental company, 'The Bluffs'. Later in the year, Carter resigned his position as one of the greatest GFX Admins that ever worked on Atrius, and left The Bluffs to Brad and James, who worked their way up the chain together to 'own' a majority of Atrius. James took over The Bluffs and Brad took over Gambino family to make a joint effort to take power on Atrius by force, and James + Brad got high non-dev staff positions to lock in a great amount of power. Although their run stopped at the end of the year, where Nemesis, the new gang/business admin took Gambino and Bluffs from both of them as they were staff who owned a business, and then demoted both of them. Brad left Atrius, but James stuck around a little bit longer to stay with MadJ.

2004: Trinity; Key Staff/players Manager {Atrius}: MadJ, Co-Manager {Atrius}: Drogan, Manager {Trinity}: James, Co-Manager {Trinity}: Brad, NAT Admin {Trinity}: XiLe, Development {Trinity}: KiT Key Points After James got further in with MadJ, he learned how to dev a bit, he opened up his own server, Trinity, with Atrius content. Drogan and G-Man were not happy about this, but MadJ seemed to not care, and later became unactive on Atrius, forcing Drogan and G-Man to cut the Atrius project short, and James was the only person who was working on the new server, Trinity. After about two months of development, Brad gave up every project he was working on, and checked out the new Trinity, finding James there, he was given a job as James's right hand man, and Trinity just kept going up. Gangs were given out such as Gambino, Montello, IDTO, and Kruger Familia, which created the greatest players that Atrius ever saw, and the most loyal gang and business owners that were ever seen. Many renounced players from this time were Antonio, the don of the Montello family, KiT, the head of the Krugers, the fresh XiLe, who helped MadJ run IDTO, and the whole Gambino family. The business's also helped create the greatest and most stable business's in Atrius history, from the original Entourage, owned by MrRet, Burger Shack, owned by Dmitri, APA, owned by Brad, and The Bluffs, owned by a late Carter. Trinity had everything going in it's favor, including the Jenn deficit, which caused the death of Era, where many players flocked to Trinity to see what the hype was about. Later in that year, James took the time to pick up KiT for his gfx and ganiing skills, XiLe for his scripting skills, and MrRet for very nice levelling. James had the power of a very nice staff team under him, which was even supported and applauded by MadJ. James had it made until Graal-X came and stole many staff members and players from them with their newer, less laggy and less buggy systems. James paniced, and at the end of the year after most of his staff left him, he hired Danny Fiery, an aspiring developer to turn Trinity into a western server, it didn't work out, and James let Trinitys server time run out.

2005: Atrian City Key Staff/players Manager: James, Co-Manager: Danny Fiery, Administrator: XiLe, LAT Admin: Ise, NAT's: Hotrian & G-Man Key Points After Trinitys death, James couldn't help but come back to see what MadJ was doing to a new Atrius, which was going to run out soon. He found a new, more ghetto styled system, which James thought could run good for Atrius, he said he'd take the Atrian City content off MadJ and pay for his own server to work with it, MadJ neither accepted nor denied, and James started Atrian City. James came back and brought back the original Trinity staff, XiLe, Brad, and KiT for a few months, along with hiring Ise, an aspiring skilled LAT, and Hotrian, a NAT that has already recieved a reputation for working on many servers. James was more then happy to take back G-Man as well, who helped script a few systems that are still being used to this day (After being GS2-rescripted, of course). Many players said this was the worst Atrius, and loyal staff members such as XiLe and Brad even left James to go work elsewhere, leaving James to wonder what he was doing wrong. Atrian City rotted after a few months, and James went back into hiding before finding out what MadJ had done next.. Nobody was expecting this:

2006: The modernized modern Atrius Key Staff/players Manager {Before May}: MadJ, Co-Manager {Before May}: G-Man, Manager {After May}: James, Co-Manager #1 {After May}: Brad, Co-Manager #2 {After May}: XiLe, GFX Admin: Lance Leone, LAT: Sam Mayu, GFX: Lor, LAT: Ise Key Points Atrius came back, with a boom. MadJ unleashed custom bodies onto the world of graal, Era just got its life support system shut off. With MadJ and G-Man, the greatest ideas on ALL of graal started, with MadJ going down into the history books as the person who put the first custom bodies onto a modern server, and possibly even graal (argued?). MadJ kept working and created food systems, chat systems, new text systems, new gun systems, a totally new way to look at the gani editor, and globals were shocked. They told MadJ if he could get up a small overworld so players could play, Atrius would be hosted, and maybe even have a chance of going classic. But then MadJ got a job, and was swamped with college, he had no choice but to scrap the project, but did allow James to continue as much as he good. James was shocked that MadJ allowed him to do it, and did everything in his power to make this Atrius the best, from adding in new business's, to making new guns, and better coordination for players. But people could not make the transition to Atrius, since Era had what were referred to as 'dinosaur bodies', the graal world was too used to these underdeveloped bodies, but Atrius was credited on putting a lot of work into their ganis and graphics, with the help of Lance Leone. Atrius flourished.. Until MadJ and James got into a fight at the end of the year..

2007 The end..? Key Staff/Players Manager: James, Co-Manager: XiLe, Administrator: Brad, Player: Jigga, LAT Admin: Sam Mayu Key Points James and MadJ fought over Atrius, and MadJ had enough of it, he gave the rights to all of atrius graphics to anyone who wanted to use them on the forums, known as the Madj Forum Giveaway. Servers stole Atrius content, James was sitting on Atrius letting it wither away while he gave up and played Era, Atrius was supposed to be released for it's final run in May 2007, but never happened. Atrius died out and then was brought back a few times, but nobody came back except XiLe. Brad took himself elsewhere and then Jigga came into the picture, acting as the James of 2004, he took Atrius content and put it onto his server with a horrible staff list, who were rumored to not even know how to log onto rc, so Jigga had to implement Skyld's client-RC system to allow them onto RC. Jigga gave Atrius a bad name, and was laughed at for a few months until he gave up and quit graal, James and Brad later quit until the end of the year.

2008 Atrius, again! Key Staff/Players Manager: James, Administrator: Wil Soul, Helper: XiLe, Key Points James brought back Atrius to keep the legacy running, although being as active as a MadJ during the Trinity years, he still tried to hire a small staff list to keep Atrius up, including XiLe who scripted new systems, and helped transistion more to GS2. By the middle of May, Atrius was shut down due to James not being able to re-pay. It was called the final death of Atrius, but would that really happen? 2008.. 1/2 Atrius returns? Key Staff/Players Manager: Scrimps Key Points After the "death" of Atrius, due to James not being able to pay, the manager of Kriegzone, and former staff member for Jigga, Scrimps, began to take care for Atrius on another one of his servers. To this day the server still stays up, under a new name, and a couple original staff members, including Mike and Brad. As for comments on where and if the server will go anywhere from here, most people respond negatively, even to the extent of legendary players rathering that Atrius is put to rest rather then pathetic attempts at it being brought back, just to bring down the server. To this point (June 1st, 2008), the server is currently hosted on Wasteland, with no known permission from TheJames.

History of Atrius

Atrius' roots started with a private playerworld purchased by Frankie Cassini called "Zeliatic." Frankie hired G-Man, who was an NAT. G-Man recommended hiring Madj as a graphics artist. Frankie's good friend Drogan had a hidden talent of gani'ing. It was a basic 4 man team. Frankie did levels, Madj graphics, G-man scripting, and Drogan ganis. It progressed pretty far, until Madj decided to bail and make his own server, Atrius. He took all of the work done for Zeliatic and moved it to his own server. G-Man at first claimed they were stealing content, until they later found out that Madj had quit Zeliatic. Frankie claimed he had future plans for Zeliatic without his original team, but the server eventually went inactive, and deleted. Frankie would later become LAT/LAT admin of future Atrius projects. Atrius. A fair-sized modern server that basically depicted a different style of Era. Years passed and Atrius went through more and more development, going through about two stages (Or versions, if you may) of Atrius. Later in the years a new version of Atrius came along, one that wasn't owned by MadJ, but owned by James (samsan1337 at the time.) Although conspiracy came up, and people argued that MadJ gave permission to James to use this content, or never gave the permission, MadJ never argued.

This new version of Atrius was called Trinity. Trinity was basically the same exact server as Atrius, same content, same levels. It was really unknown how Trinity survived for so long, and kept its playercount from 30-50 players daily. Some arguments presented facts such as the management of Trinity was much better then Atrius, other arguments were about events, guns, and special features that James, along with Danny Fiery released to Trinity, including some of the first smoke and flash grenades. Although later in the years, newer servers came out, more modern servers were established such as Spawn and Graal X, and players flocked out, leaving Trinity at a horrible 10 playercount daily. Months passed without development getting done, and due to a few key staff members quitting Trinity, James and Danny switched Trinity to a western theme, which only lasted for one month without finally killing Trinity totally.

MadJ came back from the 'dead', and created another Atrius, this atrius was a bit different, with a few different ideas. One thing lead to another, and James lead himself onto this Atrius scene. MadJ later just died out, and wasn't seen so much, so James finally asked him: "Can I go on with this project?" Well, MadJ told him yes. And the construction of Atrian City began. This time James had a lot of work in front of him, he rehired Danny Fiery, and established a new staff team containing Ise, IceDragonX, Brad, and the early Mag. With all these new talents together, Atrian had a lot of diversity. Containing a very nice Event's house, that was one of the only good things Atrian had to offer. It's levels were called 'bland', 'too ghetto', and just plain boring for the current servers, even Era. Atrian was not as successful as Trinity, but it was given a nice boost anyway, and contained a 30 player daily count. But all good things come to an end, and Atrian died after staff quit again for other things, James told everyone that he was finished, he was retiring.

But, then MadJ came back, again. He created Atrius V4. This Atrius was going to be extremely different then other modern servers, promising extremely different things compared to Era and Graal X. This made Atrius go down in the history books, but what did MadJ do that was so amazing? He created the first modern custom bodies. This revolutionized the whole modern period, modern servers looked at this as: "Whoa, custom bodies? Those are possible?" James came back as a player this time, but found out this was too much to bear, MadJ became inactive and gave James Atrius V4 content. James promised he would not let MadJ down, and he finally created Atrius, using the Atrius name. This time he had some of graals greats at his disposal, some of his veterans from Atrian and Trinity, Ise, Brad, Mag, XiLe and then some of the newbies to atrius; Sam, Antonio, and many other on-off staff members. This was by far the most sucessful Atrius ever created, and probably the biggest job James ever did. The only thing he was presented was a GS1 system, custom bodies, Atrius graphics, a small amount of levels, and a dedicated staff team. It took about 6 months for Atrius V4 to be released to the public, although it did not create too much of a bang. Atrius had a playercount of 60 to start, then gradually reduced, James wondered what he did wrong, and finally it hit him, he needed to change some of Atrius. He reverted the bodies back, but him and his staff did it as quickly as possible, and even publically called their effort 'half-assed'. James released with these normal bodies, but forgot many things, such as systems, sidewalks being too large, door sizes, and flat out said they need to close down. Another 4 months was taken out, during the time James ran out of gold, and bought a new account, TheJames. More time was taken to develop, and finally Atrius V4 was called finished. A player called Grimm_P2P USDed, Cross traded, and caused general problems for the Atrius public, and just destroyed the server. James released to an angry public due to so many resets during the 'beta' version. Players finally left, and Atrius V4 was called a uncomplete failure.

Month's passed, and MadJ considered Atrius DEAD. He gave all Atrius graphics to the forums, and called it FREE USE.

More months passed, it was the end of 2005. MadJ came back with G-Man, Drogan, Sage, XiLe, and a few other staff members, including Frankie. They created a new server, using the same custom body ideas. This server was called Icarus

Of course James came back to Icarus to find this development, and figured that it would work out both ways if he brought back atrius V4. This new atrius was called Atrius V5. It used all of the Atrius V4 content, but used a shortened overworld, and better scripts. Although this wasn't very bad, it was later worked on harder, and was released to the public with more guns, about 10 in all. The public LOVED this huge hit, and James immediately applied for Hosted. He finally became hosted, and hit the record for graal. Atrius was hosted for TWO HOURS. Era flocked into Atrius, and *Chris immediately saw that Atrius was using an Era P4 graphic as a test graphic, Houdini came back, extremely confused, and took Atrius off hosted, and banned them from hosted for a week. James gave up but said we WILL be back.

Atrius staff took a break.

The current version of Atrius, Atrius V6 came out. It suffered from a massive staff drought, only himself, Brad, and Hotrian. And a few newbies to Atrius, mike, and LB. And the on-off work of Mag and XiLe. It received a HUGE change in EVERYTHING. Ganis, levels, events, staff, everything receieved a change. And Atrius came back as a in-dev server. Although it is still being worked on, it is far from being a failure, doing what MadJ never accomplished and made Atrius hosted, even if for a bit.

In current Atrius, after it has had some good times, Global staff members and James came to a deal, and finally revoked what people called the 'MadJ Forum Giveaway", (AKA free use of Atrius Graphics), and gave James full rights to Atrius.

Juicy Tidbits

During Trinity, James scripted one of the greatest staff rooms in history, with a built in spyer, music center, everything-item shop, tag center, guild center, and attacking NPC's, all in horrible GS1, it was commented on by globals later saying that it was a huge lagfest to the graal public, so James threw in some fog and lights and called it a deal to establish the best lagfest on graal.

Atrius once received permission to become Bravo in its early years (2003), although it never worked out because 3 staff members whined and had it turned back to Atrius.

Atrius once beat Era in playercount during the Jenn-period, 57-35

3/4 of Atrius staff are guaranteed a job in Era within a year as of 2006

Atrius is the only server to die 7 times and come back to become sucessful.

Atrius has a 10 page RC Bloopers list dating all the way back to 2003, with backups hidden all over. Due to this, any person who touches some of these dating from 2005 and before is considered messing with history, and the person will be automatically fired, and possibly banned for deleting server content.

Atrius content was estimated in 2006 to have its content used/stolen on 40 servers on Graal, may it be graphics, levels, scripts, ganis, sounds. After MadJ's forum giveaway was revoked by Globals and James, that changed to 10 servers.

Atrius was the first modern server to have custom bodies

Atrius holds the current record for fastest hosted on-off in graal history

The only staff members to stay with every single Atrius were James, XiLe, and Brad

Atrius was hosted twice

Atrius was a foothold for many modern events, including creating the first 'RPG' event, called Resident Evil.

'The Bluffs', an apartment complex, is the only business that has stuck with atrius the longest. The next runner is Gun Shack.

Atrius once raided Era using the party system, a business was also made called MaJan, and Atrius reigned on Era for a few days, then the fun came out of it, and they went back to Atrius.

Known Atrius staff

This is not a FULL list, if you have other staff to list, go ahead, but please note their staff ranks!(Unless you're trying to add yourself from wasteland, then we really dont care.)

Current Atrius management (Why even bother with the staff >_>) (As of June-08)

Scrimps (Manager) Jay (Manager)

~ Note from Brad: "Don't feel bad, I laughed IRL as well :)"

Old atrius staff, and original staff. (MadJ's Atrius)

Frankie (Ex. Owner/Creator) MadJ (Ex. Owner/Co-Creator) G-Man (Ex. Owner, Ex. Co Owner/Co-Creator) Sage (Ex. Co Owner) XiLe (Ex. NAT Admin) Hotrian (Ex. NAT Admin) Sam Mayu (Ex. LAT Admin) Ise Snowblade (Ex. LAT Admin)

More information

Will Atrius still be up? Who knows. It's up to James, and James himself.