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Join the GraalOnline community on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! Play with thousands of players world-wide, explore the world and use various weapons. You can customize your character, chat with other players and send messages to friends. Play now for free GraalOnline Classic (App Store), an MMORPG in retro look!

Era iPhone was recently released on the App store also.

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After Eurocenter successfully launched several games for iPhone and iPod touch including Adrenaline Pool, Ace Tennis, Bomber Online, DinoSmash, Adrenaline Golf and Cocoto Kart Online, the first Graal server was released for iPhone and iPod touch: GraalOnline Classic. Focusing on fun game play and social interaction, GraalOnline Classic also became an iPad launch title. Many Graalians helped in creating the game by providing levels and graphics. The game is managed by Xor, who regularly releases new content. The playercount already reached more than 1,800 players online at the same time.


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