Eurocenter Upcoming

From Graal Bible

Eurocenter will release several exciting games:

Scorched 3D

Shoot missiles and blow up the island in this epic 3D artillery game! Choose a weapon, aim at your enemy and shoot! Multiplayer online action at its best!

Screenshot scorched3d1.jpg Screenshot scorched3d2.jpg
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Alice in Wonderland Online

Follow the white rabbit and discover an online world full of surprises, friends and fun! Customize your character and house, find new friends and play with them in mini-games.

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Screenshot alice3.jpg

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GraalOnline Zone

GraalOnline Zone will bring mobile online action in a fururistic environment. Play with a team and enter the battlefield joining hundreds of other players for an unique game play experience. GraalOnline Zone allows you to use numerous futuristic weapons such as laser guns, pistols and grenades to overthrow your enemy.

Screenshot zoneiphone1.jpg Screenshot zoneiphone3.jpg
Screenshot zoneiphone4.jpg Screenshot zoneiphone5.jpg

GraalOnline Era

GraalOnline Era puts the player into an Al Capone time with gangs and guns. Era offers all the social community features of GraalOnline Classic, but also allows the players to compete in arcade events.

Era iPhone was released on December 21, 2010.

Screenshot era5.jpg Screenshot era6.jpg
Screenshot era3.jpg Screenshot era4.jpg

GraalOnline Kingdoms

GraalOnline Kingdoms is an adventurous massively multi player online roleplaying experience. Explore 3-D terrain in a 2-D environment, while battling monsters, forging friendships and collecting treasures.

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Screenshot kingdoms1.jpg Screenshot kingdoms3.jpg