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Niromia's Lore

It has been told, down the line of the generations of story tellers of the very beginnings of Niromia, the land that was promised to us by the fair Queen Miranda of our failing homelands. We usually do not wish to speak of this land, for we are now hidden away and protected from its chaos and plague. The lush and bountiful lands of Niromia have always supplied us with the nourishment that our distant relatives could only dream of.

But this land is not an exception to its own share of conflict. Before the pilgrims, two groups of people collided. A fearless clan of pirates who had long had a settlement on the southern-most coves of what is now Uganthis sought out a fabled treasure among the pirates. The native, voodoo worshiping Borook resided on the northern most reaches of current Sarcartus slowly ventured south to test their skills and strength to their gods. The lives of these peoples would intertwine and clash with unrelenting force. This is when the peace seeking pilgrims arrived from the far reaches of the eastern ocean. As the pilgrims began to settle, an argument grew between the two captains of the ark like ships. The pilgrims split into two parties and went their separate ways; one north to Sarcartus and the Borook. The other towards the south to Uganthis and the Pirates.

Although the beginning years were relatively calm with the arrival of the pilgrims, tension slowly began to resurface to the continent. The pilgrims now have to decide whether to join their surrounding native clans in a battle for their homelands or to help their long lost kin to survive this war.


Development of Niromia began months before the server was even bought. It started off with drawings of fantasy lands with stories built into it. Inspirations for the general theme of Niromia mainly came in through the form of play. It slowly came to me when a friend and I decided to explore the forest across from him. Ideas were thrown around about a fictional land that existed within this forest and epic battles for control. I knew that I could not let this fantasy stay one forever. I wanted to share this experience with others. Thus Niromia was born.


Niromia shot out of the gate like a racehorse. A "Bible" of plans was the jockey. Within the first year of the server, a hand made Gmap was created, about 90% of the environments were made and there were only about 4 or 5 mainstream contributors (including myself) to the staff. I would like to take this time to recognize them:

TalonShriner- Owner TheFox- Manager Darkenedheart- Co-Manager Mr.Omega- Scripter Hikaru- Scripter

For anyone I did not recognize, we thank you for your contributions and your determination to bring Niromia up to a level we could not achieve by ourselves.

That is all for now! We will have a few more updates including pictures, in depth focuses on the Nations, Leagues and much more!