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This article contains possible spoilers - information revealing a topic that would normally be revealed through casual gameplay. If you do not want any information revealed to you please discontinue reading this article.

This page is essentially a duplicate of the Bread Making guide, as the job is nearly identical.

Apple Pie Bakery

Baking apple pies can be a well paying job if you can find the time to farm the many apples necessary. You can sell apple pies for 6g each, and buy apple pies for 4g each from Elppa.

You can find the Apple Pie Bakery in Harmonia.

Obtaining Wheat

Obtaining wheat
Wheat basket

Nearby, you can obtain wheat from a pile of wheat baskets next to Bako. Simply touch the pile of wheat baskets to obtain a basket.

After obtaining a wheat basket, be careful not to do anything other than walk, this will likely result in breaking your wheat basket. On your way to the Apple Pie Bakery you will either have to traverse the maze path through the bushes or hope someone has been kind enough to cut down bushes for you.

Rolling Dough

Rolling apple pie dough
Rolled apple pie dough

When you get inside of the bakery you will want to find an open table and place down your wheat, to do this simply touch the top of the table, you will also need to have four Apple Apples in your Food Basket Food Basket in order to do this. After the wheat has been placed, grab a Roller Roller from nearby, and then roll your dough into an unbaked apple pie by pressing D rapidly. Be careful not to let your dough sit without being rolled as it may become unowned and other players will then be able to take it.

After your dough reaches 100% it will turn into an unbaked apple pie, you should then grab a Bread Stack Bread Stack from nearby, and pick up the unbaked apple pie by pressing D.

Baking Apple Pies

Baking apple pie
Baked apple pie

Carrying your unbaked apple pie, bring it to one of the ovens and place it down on an empty slot by pressing D, then wait patiently while your apple pie cooks.

When the apple pie turns brown, it has finished cooking. Quickly grab the apple pie again by pressing D with the breadstack under the apple pie. Then bring the apple pie to Elppa to sell it for 4g.

Burnt apple pie

If you fail to take your baked apple pie in time, it will end up burning, turning into a waste of time, dough, and apples.