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Previously known as Graal 2001, Graal Bomy Lands is considered a big change in the history of Graal; it was one of the first worlds to introduce ghost mode, and pioneered many other changes. Serverside scripting and many other functions were first tested here. The server was the second official project (after Classic) to come to Graal. The methods of designing levels and making scripts have changed a lot since this world's original creation. Due to the fact that Graal Bomy Lands only allowed Pay to Play accounts to play on the server, it brought in money to Graal, which made it possible to create better Graal software. A lot of the scripting we are now able to use is only possible due to the Graal-wide introduction of the NPC Server, originally designed for Graal Bomy Lands.

The success of Graal Bomy Lands led to another Gold server: Graal Kingdoms. The classic Graal look changed, and features such as psuedo-3D mapping and semi-realistic characters were added.

Graal Bomy Lands became a classic server awhile after Graal Kingdoms came out, and Graal Bomy Lands was left with an extremely small amount of players. Graal Bomy Lands was popular for a short time; however, it was later removed from the Classic list, and left in the dark abyss of the Private Server list.

Many Graalians are attempting to revive this tossed-aside server, and even a Graal2001 Supporter guild was created to help support it.

On February 20th, 2006 the server was reopened to the public and resided under the classic playerworlds list.

Shortly after, the server reopening failed and a new team began working on another revision of the server. The new revision has been renamed "Bomy Island" and has been in development for roughly one year.