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Initially starting his Graal career in late 2006, Supernanny played Zone and Graal Kingdoms after a few months of playing. Supernanny continued playing Zone and a little after a year of playing Zone, Supernanny was hired as FAQ. Supernanny did his duties as FAQ well. On October 25th of 2007, Dan was hired as Zone's new manager, and shortly after Supernanny was promoted to be an events team member.

In late December, after a battle with Dante55555, Supernanny was removed as a member of the FAQ team and events team, at the request of Dante. Added back as a FAQ on Christmas day, Supernanny did his duties well and was rehired as an events team member in early 2008 to train new events team members. At this time, Supernanny was also hired as a moderator of the Zone forums.

Supernanny did his job well, and in August of 2008, Supernanny was hired to replace Ravenblade1979 as the Zone Police. As time progressed, Supernanny excelled at these duties and was eventually promoted to become the FAQ Admin.

While serving as FAQ Admin, Supernanny was removed by Jkool666 for not hosting enough prize events. This didn't stop Supernanny, and within the week Supernanny was rehired.

Shortly after this small dispute, Supernanny was hired at Sam's reccomendation as the new moderator of the non-graal related threads section of the forums.

During the early months of 2009, Zone's playercount gradually began to decrease. Due to a lack of time, Dan was not able to contribute fully, and Supernanny was chosen to succeed Dan as the manager of Zone. After managing Zone for a month and a half, Supernanny was accepted as a reporter during the summer months for the global news team. Supernanny wasn't bailing on Zone, Supernanny was just hoping to help the global news team by submitting news. More recently (August 17th), Supernanny was promoted to become a new super moderator on the official Graal communication center.

Supernanny enjoy's his new role as super moderator on the Graal forums and has continued contributing to the news as he has time. As a result of a lack of time, Supernanny resigned from management of Zone on the 12 of December, 2009. Supernanny's chosen successor was Stephen. Supernanny felt comfortable handing Zone over to Stephen because of Stephen's experience on Graal Kingdoms. Since the beginning of the year, Supernanny has been less active but still helps where needed. Supernanny's latest activity has been gathering news stories for the Global News Team as well as continuing to moderate the forums. During the summer time, Supernanny resigned as a member of the global news team. In November, he was named Zone manager again. Supernanny got things going and gave Stefan a clear development plan for Zone's future. On November 28th, 2010 Supernanny left Graal as broken as an animal hit by a car and left with life threatening injuries. Fortunately, his sense of humor remains in tact.

Staff Positions

  • Super moderator as of August 17th, 2009 ended on November 28th 2010.
  • Graal News Reporter as of July 13th, 2009 ended on June 25th 2010.
  • Manager of Zone as of May 30th, 2009 ended on December 12th 2009.
  • Moderator of the Non-Graal Related forum as of January 28th, 2009.
  • Moderator of Zone forums as of February 28th, 2008.
  • Manager of dev Jothegreat55555 for the time period of 4 months.


Name Admin level Free upgrades Banned? Comments
pooper200000 0 None No Noob

Contact Information

  • Forum PM: Supernanny
  • E-mail:


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