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Former Playerworld Administrator

Since March 5, 2003


HoudiniMan spent most of his time on the support center and forums. He could also be spotted occasionally sparring and doing playerworld inspections.

Development Areas

HoudiniMan was a competent scripter, but did not script much since the introduction of Gscript2. His graphics skills are adequate enough to create placeholders to facilitate scripting.

He one day hoped to make a server dedicated to sparring in as lag-free an environment as possible, but worried that it is Graal's server connection and not always the playerworld at fault.

Staff Positions

HoudiniMan was Playerworld Administrator for several years. His work on servers in the past has consisted primarily of FAQ, GP, NAT, Chief, and Server Admin positions. His global position made working on servers a conflict of command and he generally focused on his global duties.

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HoudiniMan preferred to be reached through the support center.