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Horrified is the owner/manager of Horrification, and he plans to do great things in the future of Graal.


Due to just recently joining Graal, he is not that all well known.


Horrified does not know how to Develop in a large aspect. He can detail levels with pics1.png on occassion, or make minor scripts, but he mainly lies in creating ideas to be brought to life in his server.


Name Location Position
Horrification Development Horrification Manager
Graal3D Development Graal3D, Dev3D Worlds Game Design


Name Admin level Account status Banned? Comments
Horrified 0/none Playerworlds, Graal Kingdoms, Zone, 3D Gold Subscriptions No Active Account
Admin-Playerworld52 1/playerworld52 Expired No "Admin Accounts" Deleted


Horrified uses most mainstream Contacts.

  • AIM - Horrificated
  • MSN - (Don't email me here)
  • Yahoo! - Horrificated
  • ICQ - (Coming when I feel like putting it up)
  • Email -

You can find me at Horrification or a random 3D world.