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  • January 26th - Maloria

As our second Preview time is running towards an end, we feel as if we've accomplished a fair bit in comparison to what we set out to do. We've gotten a fair amount of bugs regarding gameplay fixed, and the remaining few shouldn't last too long. I'd like to thank the players who continuously logged on to check for updates and help us with testing, couldn't have done it as good without you!

We're currently planning out how we want the world to look like as well as where the player needs to go and when. After that has been done, we'll be working on area by area until we have enough content to actually sustain gameplay. System wise everything of huge importance is completed, so we're looking forward to making the world playable.

Currently players have access to the (temporary) starting area which leads you to D'unhyl Town after completing a quest to slay a couple of blobs. This town will most probably remain as one of the very first areas that players encounter. Our current focus lays on finishing it up and adding the next couple of quests that will lead you to slay a certain Brood Mother in D'unhyl Forest, but more about that some other time!

I'd like to bring to light that yes, we are very much looking for development help. Mainly in the graphical section, but also when it comes to levels. Do note that if you are interested in helping us with the latter, you need to be able to work with Gonstruct since all of our levels will be made using tilelayers, and the normal editor is not capable of supporting them. We'd be happy to help you understand how it works though, of course.

If you'd like to contact us about anything at all, you can either poke us when we're online, or leave us a message at

  • January 23rd - Era Hotel Auction
Era Hotel Auction 01 23 10.png

During this weekend, Era will be holding an auction for the Era Hotel! Log on now, check out the hotel, and place a bid! The auction will end Monday, January 25th at 8:00 PM EST.

  • January 23rd - Dusk

Dusk is hiring! We are looking for staff who are willing to work with a blank server. Our plan is to make a zombie apocalypse styled server. We need scripters, GFXers, gani artists, and LATs who can work with a custom tileset. Either contact Caffeine or e-mail

We are not hiring non-developer staff. The server has almost no content yet.

  • January 15th - WARNING

There is a new phishing scam out there targeting your Graal account information via email. It claims to be from the Graal Administration Account Information Team. This is not an email from us. We will never request your password under any circumstances. Please do not respond to these emails. -Bell Accounts Administrator

  • January 15th - Zone Roll

Press F + arrow key to roll into any direction, even diagonally! Use it to dodge attacks and bullets.

  • January 8th - Version 6 beta test

The closed beta test for the new version on Windows and Linux has started, so there are now advanced versions for all platforms including Mac and the official version should be ready in a few weeks.

  • January 1st - Noctorious


Noctorious is a modern based server, where you can do just about anything. The server has been closed for sometime and has now been reopend and many things have changed and have been finished. At this time Noctorious is in the beta stages, so while you are playing will notice changes/updates being made.There are also a few things you can do while playing, such as Fishing or Delivering Crates to make money or even shoveling. You could also buy shops or condos or maybe even join a gang.. but thats your choice to make not ares...

We hope that you all enjoy the server and if you need any help feel free to contact the staff.

  • January 1st - Happy New Year from GraalOnline


The GraalOnline team would like to wish you a happy new year! In 2009 we have seen a vast amount server improvements and updates as well as the advancements in Graal using iPhone technology, may 2010 be as exciting as 2009 and hope to see a happy future for GraalOnline.