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  • December 26th - Unholy Nation - Christmas Spirit


On Christmas Day players opened their gifts received from Santa's, placed in Grotto's. While some were happy and unhappy, a group picture was still taken in Town Center right under the Christmas Tree !

  • December 25th - Merry Xmas from GraalOnline


Merry Xmas from the GraalOnline team!

  • December 24th - Graal Kingdoms - Santa

  • December 21st - Era iPhone


Era iPhone has finally been released! Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assault rifles, shotguns, and more! This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets of Graal. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it?

Click here to view in iTunes.

  • December 17th - Christmas in Zodiac


Christmas season has hit Zodiac! There is snow on the ground and there are presents to be found! For the time being, you can find presents under bushes all over Zodiac! They can contain anything from rare items like mounts, essences, and powerful weapons, to more common things, like snowballs and dynamite. You can also find special holiday items, like candy flutes, scythes, and more! Act fast though, because the holiday season is short, and Santa only comes once a year!

Best of luck! The Global News Team and Zodiac Staff wish you a happy holiday season!

  • December 13th - Necromania


A Post Apocolyptic world where the humans are forced to fighting as small civilizations for their own survival against the hordes of zombies that have over-run the city and the bandit factions that have broken away from the community to fend for themselves. Safe Havens are stationed around the world, acting as shelter to whats left of the human civilization but how "safe"?

The humans must venture beyond the havens and scavenge the city for anything, everything that can help them survive yet another day. Constant zombie hordes weaken the Safe Haven's defenses and the task to maintain the barricades becomes as essential as oxygen.

I met up with Sage (DeCeaseD) from Necromania to find out more about the server and what plans he has for future development. For the full interview click here.

Note: Pending a name change to Necromania the server is currently called Aurora.

  • December 11th - Unholy Nation - System Release: Omni-Box

The Omni-Box is a Graal search tool, useful for doing everyday tasks much quicker and easier. This system is built right into the Chat Bar, so firing a weapon is not neccessary. Simple open the chat bar, and press ctrl+f to start searching! Once open, you will see a few entries, the first one will prompt you to select it for instructions. If you click this, it will open instructions on how to use the search tool.

  • December 9th - Testbed Server - Open once again!

Clockwork has re-opened the Testbed Server! This server is for aspiring and veteran developers to learn new skills and practice old ones to stay sharp. Remote Control access is available to all who wish to use it. Please contact Tigairius or DrakilorP2P for access.

Note: Testbed Server is strictly for the practice and learning of GScript2 and shouldn't be used for advancement in other development areas.

  • December 8th - Delteria - Graphics Submission Contest


During the next two weeks, Delteria will be holding a graphics contest to design a mount. Submit your own masterpiece to be in with a chance to win to free Gold Subscription for upto 4 months! All submissions must be in by Sunday 19th at 11:59 EST.

  • 1st Place: 4 Months Gold + Delteria VIP Access
  • 2nd Place: 1 Months Gold + Delteria VIP Access
  • 3rd Place: Delteria VIP Access

Click here for more information.

From Delteria Staff and the Global News Team, good luck!


  • November 17th - N-Pulse - Change in Direction

As you may or may not know, Administration has changed. Daisuke, and Akomplice are now our Server Admins. This will help management be more flexible with other things we need to do, so a late congratulations to them.

With a lot of recent decisions, i can assure you guys will see way more changes to the current state of N-Pulse, additions of new and some old systems ect. Since the school year has started again, our staff team has become smaller due to our staff having school, and work priorities, and we are in need of the all development positions, so if you have any interest contact SlikRick or Matt in-game.

We currently have a lot of promising staff opportunities with us, and if your willing to work with us, we can work with you and you'll enjoy the stay. SlikRick and Matt also decided that we will be doing SotM (Staff of the Month) when our team gets larger, and what that means is reward(s) for your hard work. Most development will be directed into fixing up our backups, and a bit into new systems that will benefit our economy (More to come about this later.) Once again for anyone who is not aware, Rebirth has been put on hold so we can concentrate more on our current state so we don't risk being removed from the Classic tab. If you have any questions in regards to applying for a position, please contact SlikRick or myself in-game.

  • November 16th - Unholy Nation - Monthly Spar Tournaments

Things are starting to cool down this November, so let's keep ourselves active and warm with a few monthly tournaments. You can spar on your own in the Unholy Tournament of Champions (UTC) on Saturday, November 20th at 6 PM (Eastern Time). If you'd rather huddle up with someone else, fight with a partner in the Tag Team UTC on Sunday, November 21st at 6 PM.

You should be online at least 15 minutes early if you want to participate in either. The winners of these tournaments will each get a statue in the Town Center spar lobby, 25 EP, and a hat ticket--this is probably a good chance to invest in a nice warm hat for winter on UN!

  • November 9th - Era - Party Tournament


Era is hosting its first party tournament on Sunday, the 14th of November. The tournament will be a team death match with a maximum team size of five players per team (three or more players must show for the event or the team will be disqualified).

For more information or to sign up for the tournament please click here.


  • October 31st - Graal Kingdoms - Halloween


Outside of the trade building, a strange old ghostly man has appeared, and he is fading in and out of existence. He has some unfinished business and he needs you to complete it for him. Should you accept his task and succeed, he will reward you with one of his cherished treasures...

  • October 29th - Unholy Nations - The Ghost Ship


The inhabitants of Evenvale haven't even been able to put up all of their seasonal decorations due to complaints of a "ghost ship" harassing the village. What could it mean?

Evenvale is located on the eastern coast of the overworld, near Tumantra. Use your investigative skills to solve the troubling puzzle, and save the village so that they can enjoy their festivities!

Be weary of announcements that occur every two hours, giving you tips. It's your only hope. Tracking down a meandering ghost ship is like... Well, trying to catch a ghost.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

  • October 27th - Graal Kingdoms - Poker Tournament


On Saturday, the 30th at 5:00PM EST, 9:00PM UTC, a Poker Tournament is being held on Graal Kingdoms. The rules will be a simplified adaptation of Texas Hold Em.

For the rules and event information please click here.

  • October 20th - Graal Kingdoms - Special Event Weekend


The event weekend was a great success! Here is the list of the overall winners.

The Eyes Glow Green

  • First place: BigBear3 - Demon Stone
  • Second place: DripZ - Ring of War
  • Third place: Seeya - Inferno Sword

To Many Fish in the Sea

  • First place: MajinDragon - Inferno Dagger
  • Second place: JinChill - Gale Armour
  • Third place: Dennis1410 - Ring of War


  • Overall Winner: DripZ - Kurenai Joukai Shield
  • October 16th - Graal Kingdoms - Special Event Weekend


Graal Kingdoms is having a special event weekend from the 16th to the 17th of October.

The Eyes Glow Green

On Saturday, the 16th of October at 10AM until 8PM eastern time, all of the wolves in Graal Kingdoms will drop a wolf eye. The three players that collect the largest amount of wolf eyes by 12:00 will be rewarded with a prize. Winners will be determined Sunday to allow everyone a chance to hand in the eyes.

  • First place prize - Demon Stone
  • Second place prize - Inferno Sword
  • Third place prize - Ring of War

To Many Fish in the Sea

On Sunday, the 17th of October at 10AM until 8PM eastern time, all of the fish in Graal kingdoms will drop fish eggs. The three players that collect the largest amount of this special item will be rewarded with a prize. Winners will be determined Monday to allow everyone a chance to hand in the eyes.

  • First place prize - Inferno Dagger
  • Second place prize - Gale
  • Third place prize - Ring of War

For more information click here.

  • October 8th - N-Pulse Overworld Update

Our LAT Team for N-Pulse is hard at work on our overworld. Reshaping, redesigning and improving levels everyday to include the Rebirth tileset, the remake of Goddess Town and a new mining system. We have the "Old N-Pulse" files and are updating and redesigning as we go so N-Pulse will be as good as it once was with the added bonus of a modernization.

With a new Job System and reshaping some of the islands expect N-Pulse to have more player interaction, be user friendly and funner than ever. Be sure to get more updates on our website at

  • October 2nd - Ruins - Hiring


Ruins is hiring once again several developers from various departments to cover the work that needs to be done and complete this amazing server! For more information about Ruins and hirings please click here.

In addition, Ruins is also accepting custom graphic submissions for hairs, heads, bodies, arms, legs, weapons, and shields. If interested click here.


  • September 7th - Maloria News


The time has come to choose the Kings/Queens for our nations:

Inuia - A land of the strongest casters. This nation is hardened by the harsh winter conditions of their homeland. Inuia has powerful ice magics at their disposal.

Tralitai - A warlike nation of great knights. This nation has impeccable smithing skills and is full of brave warriors who's sword skills are unmatched.

Nayfle - A nation of secretive forest dwellers. The wood of the Nayfle forests is supposedly the strongest on Maloria, and they have great bows because of this.

Each nation will have a King OR Queen chosen, and if they remain active either in-game or at least on our forums for the rest of our development time, they can be sure to keep their rank when we go Classic. Sounds interested? Make yourself seen in-game and tell us why YOU should be chosen on our forums!


  • August 30th - Graal Kingdoms - Bow Battle Tournament


The Bow Battle Tournament will be held on Sunday the 5th of September at 6:00 Eastern time. The Tournament will consist of three events. Kill the rats, Kill Mr. Speed, and finally a bow spar.

Note: This will be a team event and will require two people per team.

for more information click here.

  • August 29th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Triathlon went off to a great start with the horse race as the first event. The route started at Santerrain and continued to Harmonia, Bomboria, Hirathia, and ended in Tanarthia. The kart race start the start on the kart track and continued to Cove Town and finally the boat race which started in Bomboria waters to the Crescent Pirates Island and back.

Congratulations to IXIs_Last_Stand who came in first place overall with 26 potions earning him the reward of Gloves of the Archer. Deas_Voice and Andre2006 came in second place scoring 14 points, and cyan3 in third scoring 12 points.

  • August 29th - Ruins - Opening


Hello folks, I'm happy to announce you that Ruins will be ready to open on the 16th of September with plenty of things for you to do! The server will be ready to show the first island called Seawind, featuring 2 cities and a dungeon. You will also be able to explore some places, fight a couple of baddies, complete quests and discover what Ruins is all about!

Be Ready! -Soala

  • August 25th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Graal Kingdoms Triathlon will be held on Sunday the 29th of August at 6:00 BST (approximately 5:45pm server time). The prize for this event is also a confirmed rare item. The Triathlon will consist of the three following events: Horse Race, Kart Race, and finally a Boat Race.

Note: Participants will need a horse to be able to take part in this event.

To enter the event either send a forum pm to MajinDragon or reply to the forum thread.

  • August 19th - Graal Online RSS Feed

Don't forget to subscribe to the Graal Online RSS feed to keep up to date with the Graal news, events and activities.

RSS feed

  • August 19th - Graal Kingdoms - Skeleton Ambush


Scouts on the outskirts of Graal Kingdoms report that a massive skeleton formation has planned a large-scaled attack. Graal Kingdoms civil population are scared, and cower in fear towards their approach. The arrival is estimated on Saturday the 21. August at about 9 PM Server Time.

Be prepared for a bloody and rough battle!

Event Information:

Starts 21. August 9PM Servertime

During the event, there will be unique vouchers dropped. Inside the voucher you will find a unique code, that gives these lucky persons the chance to invade the Skeletons hideout.

The Invasion towards the skeletons hideout will be hosted on the same day at 10PM servertime.

click here for more information.

  • August 16th - Graal Kingdoms - Soccer Tournament


The Graal Kingdoms Soccer Tournament went off to a great start with five team battling to win the grand prize. Team The Red Fury scored the most points in the opening stages of the tournament and were automatically entered into the final, while the teams Panzer Squad and KittyMexicanBirdZalinto faced off in the semi-finals to progress to the final. Upon winning the semi-finals KittyMexicanBirdZalinto faced The Red Fury in the final but struggled to concede a goal against The Red Fury leaving the final score 3 - 0 to The Red Fury. The first place prize for the winning team were 2 Red Dragon Amulet Fragments and Blue Dragon Amulet Fragment, one for each member of the team.

The Red Fury

  • MajinDragon
  • Craigus


  • supaman771
  • DRAGON551
  • dark_zeratul101
  • August 8th - Graal Kingdoms - 3 vs 3 Soccer Tournament


A 3 vs 3 Soccer Tournament is taking place on Sunday the 15th of August at 5pm Eastern Time (10pm BST). To enter either send a forum pm to BigBear3 or contact him in-game with a team name and a list of members on the team.


  • July 30th - Ruins - Preview

Ruins will be opening for one day on Wednesday the 4th of August! The preview will show the starting stages of the playerworld including the first island and character customisation. Will you be there to discover what this mysterious playerworld has to offer?

To join the discussion click here.


  • July 30th - Zone - Death Race

This Wednesday there will be a dangerous race on the planet KOTH. Many obstacles will prevent you to get to the finish, you might even die. But if you find yourself victorious on this race you will earn a big prize.


Also, from July 30 to August 5 the Events Team will be hosting several events as well. Check out the schedule!

  • July 23rd - Etria

Etria is a classic server that plans to offer many things such as classes and other interesting features. We already have events, over 10 quests, multiple islands, and many shops featuring interesting abilities and weapons. We constantly work to improve the server to meet higher expectations. We are currently working on classes and are hiring Scripters, graphic artists and sound effects. Please contact Derlink/Darlink or iRule to ask for these positions. As well you can go to our website at

  • July 21nd - Graal Urban

Graal Urban is a modern themed server that plans to offer many of the same features as other modern servers. Development of the main systems are going strong with a full functioning events, guns, mining, finishing and gang systems. Plans for new systems such as quests and player owned businesses are already under development.

Graal Urban is looking for Scripters, Graphic and Gani Artists, as well as Sound Effects.

  • July 12th - Graal Express

Graal Express is back with a new Staff Team. This time Graal Express features events, Weapons, and shops.

In the future there will be a recording studio/radio station where you will be able to save your music and listen to recordings. Also an island conquering system is being developed at the moment.

Have a Great Day at Graal Express and Enjoy :)


  • July 4th - Mafia Life

Mafia Life is a 1930s style server with a Mafia theme. You can start as a street gangster and climb all the way to the respected "Don" of a family. The server features shooting style combat with old fashioned guns.

Guilds on this server will be Mafia Family-styled. Like the Mafia in the 1930s, you will be able to collect from store owners and residents on your street.

ML also includes party quests. Like "crime organization" there will be quests you can only do with your family. An example of a crime organization is robbing a bank.

Any comments or ideas? Here is the forum post.

Interview with the owner of Mafia Life


  • July 4th - Era - 4th of July

Log on Era starting 6:00 PM EST on July 4th to celebrate the holiday weekend with sparklers, firecrackers, fireworks, and more! New items have been added to the Gelat shop and trial players can play with less interruptions.


  • June 26th - Zone - Event Weekend: 26th - 27th

Stay indoors this weekend, because Zone is having a big weekend full of Events! The prizes for these events will be Red Pistoles, Double Shots and more. There will be a total of eight big events, four on each day, and while you wait there will be races and other fun events (I heard there will be big prizes randomly hosted).


See you there!

  • June 20th - Era - Fort Knox

A new store, Fort Knox, has opened on Era with guns such as the MP44, USAS12, and the HK416. Fort Knox also operates a pawn shop business and will buy back your guns and items. Log on and see it today!

  • June 16th - Unholy Nation - Achievement System

Unholy Nation has just released a brand new Achievement System! With this system players are able to earn achievements for all things challenging or random on Unholy Nation. These achievements include easter eggs, exploration, skillful item use, sparring, events, and much much more. Come on down and try your luck at mastering some of the many achievements available!

  • June 16th - Graal Kingdoms - Harold's Family Jewels


On Thursday, June 17th, A famous gem collector, known all over the land, will be visiting the island of Graal Kingdoms. Harold The Sedulously seeks refined gems of astonishing beauty. A man of limitless wealth, there are great rumours about Harold's spending - which knows next to no limits. Harold is seeking gems of forgotten beauty. While Harold is visiting he can be found at the Bomboria pub, if you want to try your luck and earn a pretty penny... bring you best gems!

Event start: 7PM Servertime

Announcements ingame at random times after 7PM servetime.

The collector will be available 5-10 minutes after each announcement

He will exchange:

  • 1 Diamond of great value to 10 Diamonds
  • 1 Ruby of great value to 10 Rubys
  • 1 Emerald of great value to 5 Rubys or 5 Sapphires
  • 1 Sapphire of great value to 10 Sapphires

(1 of each kind per person per announcement)

... until he reached his expenditure limit for his visit.

  • June 4th - Las Touris - Modern with a Twist

Las Touris is a modern server under heavy development with the ambition to create a fun environment for both gold an trial players. We have already made a start on the development of many quests and plan to have a working business system in the near future.

We are currently looking for Level Designers, Scripts and Graphics Artists to advance with the project.

All questions should be directed to iSlayer or a Las Touris staff member.


  • May 30th - Classic iPhone - Snowtown


After weeks of waiting for this update, Classic iPhone players can now enjoy this new town.

Snowtown is located at the North icy mountains. You must buy a lantern in order to go through the dark caves inside the mountain.

Come visit! If you don't have a snow hat you can buy one at "The Mad Hatter".


Click here to see a preview (YouTube)

  • May 20th - Delitto - A Modern Server

Delitto is a modern server in the making. As we continue our development, and our goal to be a public server, we are now hiring various different staff positions.


-Level Designers

-Gani Artists

Here's a few systems that Delitto intends to complete in the future, or is working on so, now.

- Achievement System

- Fun Event's

- Modern server

- Many jobs / Structured economy..

- Many different activities on server that we can do for fun.

Any questions regarding applying for the positions listed below should be sent to a Delitto staff member.


  • April 26th - N-Pulse: Rebirth (Alpha Testing)

In June, N-Pulse Administration we will be ready for Alpha Testing N-Pulse: Rebirth. The Alpha Test will consist of non-staff of N-Pulse and will allow a select group of players be the first to test out the new implementation. For those who don't know, Alpha Testing is pre-beta testing, which basically means we still have things in development but the main core systems are completed and ready to be tested. Levels and graphics will still be under construction, but that's the point of alpha, to get the systems tested, and not to have everything ready like it would be in beta.

N-Pulse Developers hope to gain enough information to improve project ideas, improve completed projects and/or systems, and to let GraalOnline and it's community know that N-Pulse: Rebirth , will be complete !

  • April 22nd - Account Security and Support

This is a warning for members of the Graal community. Recently there have been fake e-mails sent out requesting passwords to retain accounts. The Graalonline staff will not ask you for your password so you may keep your account.

In order to assist with support please e-mail for player related issues and for accounts related issues.


-Graal Online Management

  • April 19th - Classic iPhone - Onnet Forest

ClassiciPhoneNews19April2010.png ClassiciPhoneNews19April20102.png

The Graal Police have finished their investigation at the Onnet Forest reports of seeing a "Witch" of sorts have been unconfirmed, so we urge you to use caution when entering the forest. Do not travel alone!

We don't have any more pictures because we couldn't go any further in the forest!

  • April 11th - Atrius - Updates

Atrius has had exceptional progress over the past month as a preview server and has applied to become a hosted server! Some, but not all, of the progress has been the new leveling system, quests, and bosses.

The dynamic leveling system uses points to improve statistics such as vitality (health), energy (food), strength (melee power), and accuracy (damage on gun). Information on the leveling system can be viewed when your press the S button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen.

The next important update is quests. You can view the quests you are on by pressing the Q button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen. By completing a quest you can gain experience. Beware though, because the quests are beginning to incorporate bosses. These bosses will be difficult to defeat, but there is wonderful news! Atrius is planning to create a clan system and this system will be used with the existing quest system to give Atrius a more team-friendly attitude. These quests also differeniate from quests on other servers because you are able to use guns to complete the quests. This provides an entirely new and unique avenue to questing that should be enjoyable for all! On top of all of this, 2-3 shops are being released as well!

AtriusNewsImage 2010 April.PNG

  • April 4th - Graal Kingdoms - Easter

Come join us on Graal Kingdoms for Easter events and special prizes!


You can visit the Easter Dungeon on the southern tip of Hotaru Island, or go grab some free prizes from the gift shop on Events Island!

  • April 4th - Era - Golden Egg Hunt


Join us on Era starting noon on Easter Sunday and ending Monday night in a search for the elusive golden eggs! The winners of the event will receive some special prizes.


  • March 27th - N-Pulse - Castle Battle


Castle Battle is a new strategic One Vs One event between two castles pitting their armies against each other with the objective of destroying the opposite opponents castle. Buy powerful soldiers and deal devastating spells each round to deal colossal damage and destruction on the opposing armies castle to win the fight to the finish!

For more information click here.

Plans for a tournament will be announced soon.

  • March 24th - Era vs Unholy Nation: Clash of the Titans!


The clash of the titans. A battle of the very best. A tournament of colossal proportions. Era vs Unholy Nation.

From Monday, March 29th, leading up to the grand finale on Saturday, April 3rd, Era and Unholy Nation will clash in what can only be described as the greatest display of skill ever seen on Graal. A group of 12 players from each server (selected by server staff) will compete in events on both servers.

For more information and for a schedule of the events, see here.

  • March 24th - Playerworld Preview: Atrius

I'm sure you all know of Atrius, and if you don't well you have a lot to see! Atrius has three different armies to join Kruger Militia, USMC, and Soviet Empire as well as five businesses and forty four different guns to choose from including the P90, G36 and even a Tommy Gun! of course to buy these guns you'd need lots of money but with 6 money making methods that shouldn't be a problem at all.

The curent staff postions are open:

  • Levels Team
  • Gani Artists
  • Graphic Artists
  • Game Staff
  • Scripters

To read the full article click here.

  • March 15th - Graal Express


Hop on the Graal Express! This new server has classic-style PKing, sparring and events (with many unique events still being developed)!

This server is looking for all staff positions. Visit it today!

  • March 15th - Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun Event

On March 14th the brave warriors of Graal Kingdoms gathered together in the Misty Mug Tavern to discuss how to rid our kingdom of the terrible snowstorm that was plaguing. During the discussions, a wounded warrior entered the Tavern warning of an attack on Bomboria, the warriors quickly rushed out of the Tavern and quickly vanquished the mass of deadly skeletons and rexes.

During the battle, a map was discovered on the body of one of the skeletons which showed the location of the evil wizards hideout located on Crescent Isle, plans were quickly made and supplies were gathered for the long journey.

After sailing across the rough seas, we hit land and found the island to be swarmed with all sorts of deadly monsters. The battle was fierce and many warriors were wounded, but fought on until all of the monsters had been defeated. At this point, the hunt was on for the Winter Wizard.

During the search the Winter Wizard managed to charm a number of the heroes causing them to attack one another. The battle was fierce and some of the brave warriors died, but in the end the wizard was defeated and forced to remove the spell from Graal Kingdoms. The snow is melting and within a few days will be completely gone, and kingdoms can return to normal.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

At the end of the event, conqueror was awarded an Inferno Sword and mattdapimp will receive a sun shield.

  • March 7th - Unholy Nation - Calling all Guilds!

Are you in a guild looking to show your stuff? You'll sure be in luck this week! Graal's best will be gathering for Unholy Nation's first ever Guild Spar Tourney on Wednesday, March 10th at 6:30 PM EST. The winning guild will receive 25 EP and a statue in the Hall of Champions.

To enter, have a representative from your guild contact Allona either by PM or through Unholy Nation's new mail service (her account name is ohshutup55). Each guild team has only four players, so your guild can have a second team - but variety will make things more interesting!

So, do you think your guild can make it to the top? Sign up today if you've got what it takes.

  • March 6th - Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun Event


It has been a dark time in the land of Graal. The constant fierce blizzards covering the land and trees in a heavy layer of snow. Only the bravest of warriors are able to leave there homes and venture fourth into this arctic like temperatures and heavy winds.

This year the winter seasons has lasted far longer then normal. The citizens of Graal are beginning to starve with the lack of food and the inability to plant more in this hellacious weather. Even the hunters are unable to find food as the inedible Bomys move into the once safe town of Bomboria and begin killing off every wild animal they can find to feed themselves.

Stories of an very powerful wizard casting a ice storm spell over all of Graal kingdoms has been whispered between children, but as the months drag on the many of the adults and now even the king have come to believe these tales.

The King of Graal Kingdoms has issued a decree, asking for a group of the bravest warriors to venture fourth and find out what is causing this abnormal weather, and put a stop to it by any means necessary.

If you wish to participate in this event, please notify chaosorc either in game or though forum PM. The event will be held on Sunday March 14th at 21:00 server time.

For more details about the event click here


  • February 26th - Vega United


Zombies? Monsters? Guns? Survival?! It's all in Vega United. This new server is looking for all development positions to complete its creation.

For contact information and discussion please visit this thread

  • February 22nd - Era: A Call to Battle
Era Unholy Nation Surrender.png

We hereby challenge, you, Unholy Nation, to a battle which we feel you can't possible win: a battle to decide the best Graal server, involving events on both UN and Era.

We don't expect you to accept, of course, being a group of chickens.


  • February 21st - Classic iPhone - Guilds


Players of the Classic iPhone server can now join or create their own guilds! With over 2300 guilds currently at war the system is proving to be a huge success, but which of the guilds will stand the test of time?

Creating a new guild only costs 2000 gralats, and to simply join one you can visit the new guild section of the in-game menu.

Click here for more details.

  • February 15th - Valikorlia Cumulative News

Valikorlia has made excellent progress over the past few months. Thanks to Dylan (loneangelibesu), Valikorlia has an operational crafting system. Along with the crafting system, Zectra has created a fully customizable pet system.

Once the template is finished, players will be able to create their own personal pet images. These pets do more than follow you around, because there are options to have your pet follow you, stay put, and scavenge. Scavenging is the most useful function of a pet. In scavenging, each pet has its own unique item list and it searches randomly for these items. While scavenging is extremely useful, the pet system will be functional as a job in the future. Keep tuned in by playing Valikorlia!

For more information about Valikorlia you can also check out the website

  • February 15th - Classic iPhone - Player Houses


Player owned houses are now available on the Graal Classic iPhone server. With this update you will be able to get your own house and buy furniture for it! There are three furniture stores, which are located at Onnet, Swamptown and North Graal city. To get this update you must have already bought Classic+ or the inside app update from the first version.

We hope you enjoy the houses. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch then download GraalOnline Classic now.

  • February 5th - Account Lock

The account lock by computer is enabled again. It is encouraged that users enable this protection for better security.

For more information see the the forums.


  • January 26th - Maloria

As our second Preview time is running towards an end, we feel as if we've accomplished a fair bit in comparison to what we set out to do. We've gotten a fair amount of bugs regarding gameplay fixed, and the remaining few shouldn't last too long. I'd like to thank the players who continuously logged on to check for updates and help us with testing, couldn't have done it as good without you!

We're currently planning out how we want the world to look like as well as where the player needs to go and when. After that has been done, we'll be working on area by area until we have enough content to actually sustain gameplay. System wise everything of huge importance is completed, so we're looking forward to making the world playable.

Currently players have access to the (temporary) starting area which leads you to D'unhyl Town after completing a quest to slay a couple of blobs. This town will most probably remain as one of the very first areas that players encounter. Our current focus lays on finishing it up and adding the next couple of quests that will lead you to slay a certain Brood Mother in D'unhyl Forest, but more about that some other time!

I'd like to bring to light that yes, we are very much looking for development help. Mainly in the graphical section, but also when it comes to levels. Do note that if you are interested in helping us with the latter, you need to be able to work with Gonstruct since all of our levels will be made using tilelayers, and the normal editor is not capable of supporting them. We'd be happy to help you understand how it works though, of course.

If you'd like to contact us about anything at all, you can either poke us when we're online, or leave us a message at

  • January 23rd - Era Hotel Auction
Era Hotel Auction 01 23 10.png

During this weekend, Era will be holding an auction for the Era Hotel! Log on now, check out the hotel, and place a bid! The auction will end Monday, January 25th at 8:00 PM EST.

  • January 23rd - Dusk

Dusk is hiring! We are looking for staff who are willing to work with a blank server. Our plan is to make a zombie apocalypse styled server. We need scripters, GFXers, gani artists, and LATs who can work with a custom tileset. Either contact Caffeine or e-mail

We are not hiring non-developer staff. The server has almost no content yet.

  • January 15th - WARNING

There is a new phishing scam out there targeting your Graal account information via email. It claims to be from the Graal Administration Account Information Team. This is not an email from us. We will never request your password under any circumstances. Please do not respond to these emails. -Bell Accounts Administrator

  • January 15th - Zone Roll

Press F + arrow key to roll into any direction, even diagonally! Use it to dodge attacks and bullets.

  • January 8th - Version 6 beta test

The closed beta test for the new version on Windows and Linux has started, so there are now advanced versions for all platforms including Mac and the official version should be ready in a few weeks.

  • January 1st - Noctorious


Noctorious is a modern based server, where you can do just about anything. The server has been closed for sometime and has now been reopend and many things have changed and have been finished. At this time Noctorious is in the beta stages, so while you are playing will notice changes/updates being made.There are also a few things you can do while playing, such as Fishing or Delivering Crates to make money or even shoveling. You could also buy shops or condos or maybe even join a gang.. but thats your choice to make not ares...

We hope that you all enjoy the server and if you need any help feel free to contact the staff.

  • January 1st - Happy New Year from GraalOnline


The GraalOnline team would like to wish you a happy new year! In 2009 we have seen a vast amount server improvements and updates as well as the advancements in Graal using iPhone technology, may 2010 be as exciting as 2009 and hope to see a happy future for GraalOnline.