From Graal Bible

On Graal, global means something that has a meaning across all servers:

  • Global guilds are guilds that are valid on every world.
  • Global staff have the power to log onto RC on every world (see GST, GGT and PWA, Graal administration).
  • A Global RC is the name given to the RC of a global staff member - the program has no differences from a regular RC, but can log on to every world.
  • Global rights are rights given to global staff which are available to them on every world.
  • Global bans are bans which forbid the player from connecting to any world (and also logging in to the forums).
  • Global messages are messages that certain global staff can broadcast to every RC connected to every world.

The word "global", given on its own, is almost always used to refer to global staff, but "globalled" is occasionally seen as a shortened form of globally banned, as in "Newbie17: lol dude u got globalled".