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General Facts

Map of Crescent Isle

Kicon pirates.pngCrescent Pirates is one of the five kingdoms on Graal Kingdoms. They, as the name suggest, have a pirate theme and their military is heavily leaning on their naval cunning.


Pirate Development Projects

The pirate development team work on projects specific to the Crescent Pirates in an effort to improve the island, efficiency, and style of the kingdom. Official developers of the pirate development team have special access to Kingdoms Debug to test and design new additions, however any player is welcome to submit new additions freely.

List of Current Development Projects


The Crescent Pirates, or Pirate Crew as it was called, was founded in Graal 2001 by Ghost Pirate. Going by the name of Governor Girum Rivclaw he was and still is the most recognisable Governor to lead the kingdom.


For a full list of ranks click here.

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The current leader of the Crescent Pirates fleet is Admiral Naithaniel Lionheart.
The Crescent Pirates navy is the most noticeable, and deadliest force under the command of Crescent Pirates.
The Pirate navy never shys away from a challenge is always the victor due to superior numbers and skill. Their navy has often be branched out into various crews. Such as the Phoenix Crew, lead by once great Admiral Raziel Nasar and his brother Cheops. Not to mention the devastating Tornado Squadron, founded and lead by Commander Chris Steele.
The Tornado Squadron was a group of selected elite boat battlers. Who were the first in and last out in navy warfare.
The squad consisted of: Chris Steele, Eric Steele, Naithaniel Lionheart, Felix Lionheart and Zeltino Zanza.

Blood Raiders

The Blood Raiders act as body guards to the leaders of the Crescent Pirates while ruthlessly rooting out and eliminating any threat to the kingdom.. The Blood Raiders specialise in making enemies vanish without a trace and killing foes without a mark.
This small group of warriors are trained in many aspects including melee combat, archery, Alchemistry, Wizardy and Religious arts, mind manipulation, battle field tactics, use of plagues and poisons, impersonation and disguises, sailing and naval warfare, silent movement and breaking into enemy territory, and escape and concealment.

The Blood Raiders are a small group committed to the protection of the kingdom inside and out. They are ready to serve the kingdom from doing a mission into enemy territory to guarding royalty in their voyages.

The Blood Raiders follow the battle field tactic of causing chaos in the enemy ranks. This is done by poison, plagues, magic and out right blood frenzies. Thus how they got their name. They also use traps and ambushes for assassination and also use potions that would cause great pain on its victims.


Years Active Governor Governess Comments
2002 Girum Rivclaw - Founder and first leader of Pirate Crew.
2003 Jagen - Succeeded Governor Girum Rivclaw.
2003 Nathaniel North - Chosen by Jagen to take over on his leave.
2003 Girum Rivclaw - Lead for the 2nd and final time after troubles with his account.
2003 Valder Tifa Appointed by Ghost Pirate after an application process.
2003-2004 Raghnro Diomora - Appointed by Valder.
2004 Valder - Abused a bug to obtain leadership of the kingdom again.
2005 Gantec Thorn - Rummored to have payed $400 for the kingdom. MarkB tried to get the name changed from Crescent Pirate to Pirate Nation. But many memebers disagreed.
2005 Kerith Steele Alisa Steele -
2005-2007 Alan Steele Alisa Steele Alisa also led the kingdom with Alan.
2007 Yann Steele - Felix he was given leadership, annoucned upon Alans retirement, This was the first and only 2 Governor partnership.
2007-2008 Felix Lionheart - Upon Yann retiring due to Event Master Admin duties, Felix was left to lead the kingdom solo.12
2008 Paul Cypher - Was Governor for 9 days but had to leave for personal reasons.
2008-2009 Christopher Wood Arri Steele Chris lead the kingdom for 1 year with Arri before retiring. 1
2009-2010 Naithaniel Lionheart - Ruled the kingdom with Cell for 1 year before retiring. 1
2009-2010 Cell Chill - Was Governor for 1 year before retiring.
2010 Iscariot Steele - Lead the kingdom for 6 months with Romain before retiring.
2010 Romain Steele Kaly Steele Lead the kingdom until taking a month absence.
2010 Felix Lionheart - Stepped in to help Romain during his absence.
2010 Romain Steele Kaly Steele Was Governor for a few weeks before leaving the kingdoms to Yann Steele.
2010 Yann Steele - Stepped down as Governor and appointed Becan as his replacement.
2010 - 2011 Becan - Stepped down for personal reasons.
2011 Felix Lionheart - Lead the kingdom until passing leadership to Johnathan Aldroth.
2011 Johnathan Aldroth Ka-Rhynayalia Aldroth Governor for 4 month before retiring.
2011 - 2012 Chris Vimes - Ruled the kingdom for several months.
2012 - 2013 Zeltino Steele SoapyBubbles -
2013 Rogue Steele - -
2014 FBI - Present Govenror



Pirton is the capital town on Crescent Isle. It is located east of the castle. Pirton is the only town on Crescent Isle where you can purchase a house flag. Pirton also holds the card room and a rum maker.
Pirton is the best defended town of the island as the war room resides there. Being at the centre of Crescent it is the most protected from a boat attack and it has multiple docks there ready for boats to scramble and intercept incoming threats. Also being a short walk away from the castle it is easy to re-enforce the town.
Pirton was also known as Traders Row and still is referred to by that name by some.
Previous Mayors of this town are Sam Schlurf, Maroku Dibides, Padraig Lionheart and Paul Dibides.



Westford is located on the north-west of the island. It's where the ferry comes to from Hotaru.
The Business Strip or Shop District as some call it is located in Westford. Many Pirates have set up shop selling various loot they've purchased or pillaged.
In Westford you can craft a hook, the weapon of choice for some pirates. As well as fortifications and wall to be used to defend the castle and towns in the times of war.
Retired Governor Felix Lionheart was one Mayor of the town. Along Commander Sage Cypher and Commodore Blue Zakuto.



Milton is the town in he south-east of Crescent Isle. The Retired Governor Yannick Steele was once Mayor of Milton, aswell as Commodore Proto Steele.
In this there is a woodcutter and a mill to turn your corn into flour. In this town you can craft furniture for your house or or get your hair done in the hairdressers.

Rum Town

Rum Town is the town in the south of the Isle. In Rum Town there are market stalls for people to sell their unwanted items and make some money. It Is also home to a spar arena and pub owned by Chef Steele. Naturally It has a rum maker there too.
Zeltino Zanza was once Mayor of this great town, as well as Jack Steele and Cell Darkblade Zakuto. Chris Zakuto was also mayor for a short time.
The town currently has a Mayor Florent Easton to run it, assisted by Boris Easton.

Ghoul Town

Screenshot of Ghoul Town on the 14th of January 2008.

Ghoul town is located on Ghoul Island, the small island to the north of Crescent Isle. On the island there is a Pirate Fort used for training their deadly Blood Raiders. The town is home to the famous Sinkin' Ship Tavern with the well-known Bar Brawl that occupies the top floor. This has been the hotspot for many Crescent Pirate events.
On this town there resides ghosts of dead Pirates as well as their Mayor Grisby Howl.
In Ghoul Town you can craft the pirate hook in the blacksmiths.

Ghoul Town was uploaded on to Graal Kingdoms on the 14th of January 2008.

Pirate Families








Kingdom Items

Mud pirateskullshield.png Pirate's Skull Shield (Str+1) (AC+2) (Armour+12) Weight 18.500 kg.

Mud piratebelt1.png Large Pirate Belt (Dex+1) (WC+1) (AC+1) (Armour+4) (Resist Poison+12) Weight 0.100 kg.

Mud pirateboots.png Pirate Boots (Speed+1) (AC+2) (Armour+9) Weight 9.000 kg.

Mud piratebracers.png Pirate Bracers (Wis-1) (AC+1) (Armour+7) Weight 5.500 kg.

Mud pirategloves.png Pirate Gloves (WC+1) (Armour+5) Weight 4.600 kg.

Mud blackpiratehat.png Pirate Hat (AC+1) (Magic+1) Weight 1.000 kg.

Mud hook.png Golden Hook (Dex+1) (Speed+2) (Dam+6) (Attacks: Physical) Weight 5.000 kg.

Mud hook.png Hook (Dam+3) (Attacks: Physical) Weight 3.500 kg.

Mud skullwand.png Skull Wand (Resist Cold+10) (Casting Time: 2) (Attuned: Death) (Repelled: Protection, Self, Restoration) Weight 1.800 kg.

Mud wooden bottle piraterum.png Pirate's Rum (food+100) Weight 0.001 kg.