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Inherits TGraalVar.


GUI profiles define the look of a GUI control. Several GUI controls can share the same profile, and the profile can be exchanged at any time. For more information: Understanding GUI Profiles


    align - string - controls justification of text: "left", "center" or "right",
      also set autosizewidth=false if you want to center or right-align GuiTextCtrls
    autosizeheight - boolean
    autosizewidth - boolean
    bitmap - string - filename of the image template, ie: "guiblue_window.png"
    border - integer (1..5):
      0 - no border
      1 - single-color border using bordercolor
      2 - rectangle using white and bordercolorna
      3 - lowered rectangle using white, fillcolor and bordercolorna
      4 - raised rectangle using white, black and bordercolor
      5 - bitmap border
    bordercolor - {red,green,blue,alpha} - default border color of the control
    bordercolorhl - {red,green,blue,alpha} - border color when the control is active
    bordercolorna - {red,green,blue,alpha} - border color when the control is disabled
    borderthickness - integer - size of the border (in pixels?)
    cankeyfocus - boolean - can this control steal key focus? (textboxes must have this set to true)
    cursorcolor - {red,green,blue,alpha} - color of the cursor (caret) in a text box
    fillcolor - {red,green,blue,alpha} - default background color
    fillcolorhl - {red,green,blue,alpha} - background color when active
    fillcolorna - {red,green,blue,alpha} - background color when disabled
    fontcolor - {red,green,blue,alpha} - default font color
    fontcolorhl - {red,green,blue,alpha} - font color when highlighted
    fontcolorna - {red,green,blue,alpha} - font color when disabled
    fontcolorsel - {red,green,blue,alpha} - font color of selected text (in a textbox)
    fontcolorlink - {red,green,blue,alpha} - default font color of links
    fontcolorlinkhl - {red,green,blue,alpha} - font color of links when active
    fontsize - integer - size of the font
    fontstyle - string - combination of font styles, 
      ie: "bc" (b - bold, i - italic, u - underline, 
      s - strikeout, c - centered, r - right aligned)
    fonttype - string - type of font to use, ie: "Tempus Sans ITC"
    justify - string - the same like "align"
    linespacing - integer - number of pixels between lines in multiline controls
    modal - boolean - can be focussed and steals the input 
      (e.g. edit controls or text list control 
       where you navigate with the cursor key)
    mouseoverselected - boolean - does putting your mouse over 
      this control act as if it was clicked?
    numbersonly - boolean - can only numbers be entered in this control?
    opaque - boolean - if set to true, transparency will be ignored
    returntab - boolean
    shadowcolor - {red,green,blue} - specifies the color 
      of the shadow (use in combination with textshadow=true)
    shadowoffset - array of format {offsetx,offsety} - 
      specifies the position of the shadow 
      (use in combination with textshadow=true)
    soundbuttondown - string - filename of sound played when the control is clicked
    soundbuttonover - string - filename of sound played when the mouse is hovered over the control
    tab - boolean
    textoffset - string - controls how far offset the 
      text is from the top-left of the control
    textshadow - boolean - enables or disables the shadow
    transparency - float - alpha transparency of the control (from 0 to 1)