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Clientside scripts are done on your client. This means that clientside scripts do not cause server lag, but are also easily hackable. Serverside is the opposite, and is done on the NPC-Server.


Variables that can be set clientside (for the player) are variables that start with player.client. When scripting, the player. is not usually included. client. variables can be edited either Serverside or Clientside. Since these variables can be edited on Clientside, they can be changed using almost any memory editor.


Scripts run on Clientside happen only to the player. If you were to show an image on Clientside, it would not show up to other players (unless the index is below 200). The advantages of Clientside scripting are that there is no server lag, GUIs are possible (Gui Controls and showimg), and it applies to only one player (try writing a serverside system script).


An example of a clientside script would start with //#CLIENTSIDE. The code follows this.

function onCreated()
{ = "This is a Clientside script!";
function callFunction()
  say2( "Congratulations, you just called a function!" );