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Twilight of Shadows (Winter Online)

Playerworld134 was purchased by Devdom Servers Web Hosting Enterprise back in June 21st, 2005. Plans to launch a huge online map for players during the 4th of July weekend. Devdom Servers sold most of the web hosting industry to World Connections Hosting and renaming to EOmniSoft. EOmniSoft conducts online databases and applications for large scale systems.

EOmniSoft has new plans for Playerworld134 once again. New projects have been set and are ready for launch this summer season. Twiglight Of Shadows, TwilightofShadows will be launched this year. Based off of basic rpg game play, quests, leveling, mini games, and yes even guilds! Your own house can be placed on the realm too, an easy uploading process that will be on the web site. An online community, expect the best to come.

EOmniSoft has reported that they would like to bring Graal Online back to high demand and bring in the gamers once again. Hopefully the server will go public, talks to Cyberjoueurs and requests will go out in late June, early July.

Check up on this graal server or contact EOmniSoft with any questions. EOmniSoft Inc.