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Shangri-La started off with a great start, a unique tileset, a unique graphic design. All topped off with unique developers. The name of the server means paradise. It's a fun place to hang out with friends. You can buy an assortment of things, such as vehicles like the Car, Hoverboat, Hoverboard. You can even rent your own rooms to chill out in. Sadly the games main developer passed away, due to confidential reasons. He was the heart of the server, he told his friends on Graal that the server was either on the Classic tab or no tab at all. As of late, the original owner of Shangri-La, Faygolette, or Madrox, has also passed away. A very sad tragic, but now Battousai90290 and his group will work on finishing the server for his older sister, and as a good friend.