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Ol' West is a western theme server circa 1820-1880, with many opportunities and learning experiences. You can work together with other cowboys and cowgirls to build a civilized partnership between the Union and the Confederacy. Take part while two factions unfold and come together to contend against their mutual adversary: the Natives.


Ol' West was originally started around April of 2004 by Djinn (Owner) and Cyclone (Manager), along with Lance Leone (Graphics Administrator/Manager) and a few days later scripting administrator Mag. Approximately two months after Ol' West began to develop, Lance Leone had become inactive/quit and Mag was replaced as manager as well as a new scripting administrator, a developer named Tig. Much interest was taken in the project by many developers, and after much of the staff team were unhappy with the way Djinn was managing the server, Tig eventually bought it from Djinn around August of 2004. Ol' West began heavy development with it's new manager, and about one year later on July 1st there was an [event on Ol' West] in order to promote it and GraalOnline, held by Unixmad. The event had much success, and Unixmad was very happy with Ol' West. After the event, Stefan changed Ol' Wests server to GScript2 which caused much of the server to break. Ol' West was taken down by Tig to be remade and rescripted, after months of Ol' West not returning to it's humble spot on the Hosted playerworld's list, many people thought Ol' West would be gone forever. Just when people were beginning to forget about Ol' West, Tig, and his colleague, Mag began developing Ol' West again very diligently in November of 2006 through late May of 2007 to bring it back to the Hosted playerworld's list, and almost ready for Classic. After approximately 6 months of one or two people working a day, Ol' West returned to the Hosted playerworld's list, very successfully. To this day Ol' West is still managed by Mag and Tig.