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History of GR

Graal Realms was created by Ryan (SSJRyan) and Brad (Yendi) on December 30th, 2002.

Graal Realms was one of the first 'socialization' servers ever created on graal. It was a very different server compared to many servers of the kind out then, only because it was a server that did not discriminate on who they hired, as long as GR figured they were making a difference to that staff members development abilities.

Graal Realms was the first home to many staff members including, but certainly not limited to:

Nate (Bioboi)

JerZ (?)

Zer0 (stoopidman13)

Brad (Yendi)

Fulcaire (Gotenks250)

Dasher (DemonicDemon)

And many, many other staff members that made GR their home for a full year.

Graal Realms was a bit hit onto the graal field, hosting only 20 levels, 20 staff members, and occasionally up to 15 players, once giving GR a playercount that exceeded Unholy Nations playercount (79:72)

Graal Realms levels were miniscule, and horribly made. It was just the help of a small group of newbie developers that created a fair events house, and created a working form of paintball (the second server in graal history that had it!)

Graal Realms lived until summer of '03. During this time Ryan had Real-Life issues to deal with, Brad left for newly developing Atrius, Zer0 stuck around, along with Nate, Fulcaire, and a few other loyal GRealmians for the last few months.

In November of 2003, Graal Realms became a deserted wasteland, and all the staff finally left.

Although Graal Realms was an amazing playercount server, and a great place for new developers to have started in, it was a gigantic failure, even going as far as to be bashed by Brad AND Ryan to how horrible it really was.

Great times, strange server, and a bunch of hope until the end.

That was the Graal Realms legacy.