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Delph is a scripter at heart, but is not opposed to creating attractive and well detailed graphics and levels. He left Graal before GScript2 was released and therefore only ever worked with the original.

He founded and created the following playerworlds:

  • Dolphonia
  • Galactica (Never released)
  • Era

And worked on a number of others including:

  • Graal Kingdoms (Created the interface at the top right of the screen)
  • Andor
  • Delteria
  • Sandside Heights (Never released)

Accounts used:

  • Original unknown
  • Andor_Admin(n)
  • Era_Admin1
  • Arkan1k
  • Huesy (Created in 2011)


Delph began playing Graal around 1998 under the alias [ Delph Inc. ]. Almost as soon as he began playing, he had started playing with the editor as more entertainment and joy was found from creating his own scripts, levels and worlds.

Shortly after having joined, he started his first playerworld entitled Dolphonia. It had begun as a large semi-modern city created with the original Graal tileset. Dolphonia turned out to be one of the more popular servers until it ran in to trouble when the server was hacked and all files deleted.

Delph left Graal for a short while before coming back and joined Angel's team on Andor after having created a simple snow environment script on her request as a type of entrance test. It was there where his scripting really flourished and he began to create a new server code-named iomega, later named Galactica on his own. This was short lived as he began developing a new idea which he quickly shared with Angel as the two made a fantastic team when it came to the development and management of playerworlds. This idea eventually gained the title of Era.

As Delph had never owned a paid-for account on Graal, he began using the account Era_Admin1 as his own. And of course, once he had left Era after much drama, he was without an account. And as such left Graal.

A few years later, Delph returned to Graal just to check things out and found himself being offered a number of opportunities to work on new playerworlds. He was given a new account, Arkan1k, which he used from then on to access Graal and its playerworlds but using the same alias of Delph.

After a few months of work, Delph disappeared again, and until recently wasn't seen nor heard of for a good 7 years.

Current Occupation

Delph now runs his own web design studio called In.Triplicate Studios and is currently founding and developing the company known as Pindit PTY. LTD.