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Release date

October 19th 2007 for Windows and Linux

New features

  • Major improvements for the plugin (Internet Explorer ActiveX control and Firefox Plugin):
    • new black look and progress bar, doesn't flicker anymore
    • installs correctly on Windows2000/XP
    • Firefox: displays a message if the installation was successful or failed
    • Firefox on Vista:
      • the plugin is installed into the users plugin folder if it cannot be installed into the default plugin folder
      • fixed problems when scrolling the plugin page
    • closes correctly (doesn't take 5 or more seconds)
    • doesn't give an error when closing on Firefox
  • File selection/saving: automatically accepts the entered file name when pressing <return> (no need to click on the select button)
  • Video capture:
    • increased the speed of the video grabbing on Windows
    • improved the linking to FFMPEG on Linux so that video compression should work better now

Bug fixes

  • GuiTextEditSliderCtrl:
    • fixed problems with the format wanting the number always in front
  • GuiSliderCtrl:
    • when the gui style is not providing a slider gfx then it's drawing the default slider instead of not drawing anything
  • GuiButtonCtrl/GuiTabCtrl:
    • fixed problems with some styles where the tiling for button graphics was not correctly specified, so that only the corners of the button were drawn
  • Video capture:
    • increased the video buffer size (was giving error sometimes when recording videos of huge size and lots of movement on the screen)
    • Linux: the capture options are not resetting anymore when changing the GUI style
    • Linux/Mac/Graal3D: fixed a problem with making screenshots (Alt-2) that could crash the client
    • Windows: fixed problems with only getting a white screen when doing screenshot or video
  • Updater:
    • the update process works better now without giving the message "Couldn't delete Graal.exe" on some machines (will work with the next update)