From Graal Bible

Release date

September 21st 2007 for Windows and Linux

New features and bug fixes

  • Removed several files from the installer, since the files were not required at install time anymore and can be download from the server when needed - this makes the download even smaller (2.8 MByte for Windows) and fixed the bug with missing capes for a few animations on Graal Kingdoms
  • The PM history and profiles use the community name for storing the data (pms/messages_*.txt and profiles/profile_*.txt)
  • When you disable the saving of PMs and profiles to hard drive in the options then it is correctly displaying the profiles when right-clicking a player
  • Fixed some problems with displaying international characters (umlauts etc.) on signs
  • Text can be rotated, on Windows this only works if bitmap fonts are enabled
  • Fixed some problems with Graal3D
  • Fixed problems with not starting on computers that had broken installations of Windows Defender or Office 2007 (msvcr80.dll or similar missing)