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Release date

July 18th 2007 for Windows, Linux and Mac

New Features

  • New Options:
    • You can disable the playerlist docking
    • You can hide the system tray icon
    • You can use the scripted in-game playerlist instead (especially good for fullscreen mode)
    • There is a link to the player list options in the normal option window to easier reach those options

Bug Fixes

  • General bugs
    • Graphics
      • gif animations work again
      • made effectmode 2 work again on Windows
      • fixed problems with transparency of head graphics
      • fixed a problem of transparent tiles on the first layer (Valikorlia)
      • fixed some bad black color on tiles and wrong transparency of GUI graphics on Mac
      • the color of links is made to fit the selected style
      • loading map parts is correctly working on Windows
    • Playerlist
      • the playerlist is not trying to stay on top when Graal is started normally, it's now only trying that when running inside a browser
        • this should also fix some problems on Windows XP which made the Graal Window stay on top as well
      • the tray icon is also blinking when it's from a player that is not displayed in the current playerlist tab, also double-click to open that PM is working now
      • mass messages are only sent to the selected players, not to all
      • it's not adding more and more tray icons on each server connection
  • Script engine bugs
    • fixed a problem with NPCs that use several clientside classes that use old script (if (timeout)) which bugged chairs and ships on Graal Kingdoms