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Release date

August-September 2005 for VIP and Gold accounts.


Revision 2

August 26th 2005

A small bug fix version has been released. It should fix some problem with serverlist size on relogin, and the text drawing has been modified to be more compatible. If you had problems with the bitmap fonts before, then please test if its working better now.

Revision 4

September 5th 2005

A new Graal version has been released, just login to get the latest version:

  • fixed size of right-click menus (e.g. in scripted RC)
  • text clipping is correct now
  • mass pms are not logged into F2 anymore (less spam)
  • the playerlist only opens one time
  • joysticks should work better, and you can activate/deactivate the chat bar with joystick buttons
  • the sound for lifting and being hurt for female players is correctly using the female lift sound (lift2.wav) now, also when you are using the axe then it is playing the axe sound instead of the normal sword sound
  • you can hide the chatbar by clicking in the game window
  • the signs and pause/end windows are moved so that they are always visible

Also a script bug in the serverlist has been fixed, so that you don't get double chatters on the list anymore when someone pms you and logs out.

Revision 6

September 8th 2005

New: Global Buddy List - you see buddies that login to other servers directly on your buddy list. This works only if your buddies are using v4 and have not disabled it in the playerlist options, that has been made for not being able to stalk people.


  • playerlist size is remembered
  • some gani text problems have been fixed (e.g. intro on Graal Kingdoms)
  • better bitmap font compatibility (hopefully)

There is also a new GServer, restart your server to get the updates:

  • new option "warpto=false" if you want to completely disable warpto on your server (you can still do scripted setlevel-calls of course)
  • banned players cannot contact you via global playerlist anymore

Revision 8

September 15th 2005


  • interlaced PNGs are supported now
  • fixed cursor movement in multiline text controls and added Ctrl+left/right/up/down and Ctrl+Shift+left/right/up/down shortcuts
  • bombs are destroyed when leaving a level
  • clientside script error messages are more exact
  • signs display above the default GUI
  • on Graal Kingdoms you always see the default head icon
  • Graal Kingdoms horse riding works correctly (setting player/npc dir fixed when the value is below 0 or above 3)
  • ganis displayed on the stats layer (>=4) or in GUI display shields on the correct position
  • reduced the number of bad movement sounds for npcs
  • when the minimap is disabled then it doesn't display the list of player names anymore when moving the mouse over the minimap area
  • when entering another level then the particles of an emitter are removed; there is also a new emitter.removeparticles() function and emitter.isfrozen variable (for stopping the movement of particles)
  • some more bitmap font fixes

Revision 9

September 15th 2005


  • scripts of npcs are correctly stopped when leaving a level, also fixing problems of sleep/timeouts not restarted after reentering
  • when your animation is modified while carrying something then it is thrown away
  • Changeimgpart for showtext should work now
  • when another DirectX program (or other Graal) is going fullscreen then Graal is resurrecting it's DirectX surfaces correctly
  • when entering a server that uses the old style text maps then the map is correctly loaded after downloading it
  • when there was a problem while saving downloaded files then it is displayed in the F2 window

Revision 12

September 22nd 2005


  • new login screen with animations; guest account is not enabled though so you don't need to wonder why it's not working
  • scroll control transparency is fixed
  • not crashing when loading gifs or mngs with subimages that don't fit in the image size - on linux/mac they will display correctly, on v4 for windows the gif loader is optimized and it would be hard to modify it for that special case
  • keypressed-events with shift/ctrl/alt give the correct key code
  • gani scripts are removed after leaving a server so that the script is not illegally running on other servers
  • graal is not drawing anymore when the window is invisible or the screen is locked, this should possibly fix some problems on windows xp
  • escape characters in PMs are correctly sent and shown in history (not completely compatible with v2 though)
  • rotated particles are correctly clipped
  • added an emitter.removeModifiers() function
  • the events onFileChunkReceived(filename,filepos,filesize) and onFileDownloaded(filename,filesize) work better now

PS: if you only see a green background, delete FILENAMECACHE.txt from your Graal folder.

Revision 13

September 22nd 2005


  • fixed the problem with filenamecache.txt and not seeing the start screen graphics
  • when being disconnected from a server then going into the offline test mode is not bugged
  • the script error 'Function bind not found' on startup is not displayed anymore
  • the profile variables field is read-only

Also a few problems in the new scripting engine for the npcserver have been fixed, enableweapons() and disableweapons() work correctly now.

Revision 14

September 29th 2005


  • Graal3D is working now, so you don't need v3.1 anymore for connecting to Graal3D. Once you connect to the server it will download all necessary files, which is more than 20 MByte. On the first login there are a few small problems (other players look white, the chat bar might not work directly) but those will be fixed soon. Also you cannot switch back to 2D servers right now, but you can use all the other v4 things like external playerlist and irc chat.
  • Fixed a bug in the terrain editor in Graal3D so that it is not messing up terrain anymore when adjusting terrain height
  • The top of beds is blocking
  • Ganis with gani scripts made for in-game stuff like lamps, explosions etc. can now be shown on the stats layer or in GUI; Graal will automatically move the gfx to the good place on the screen
  • using weblinks (graal://Graal Kingdoms/)to start Graal should not lead to an endless loop anymore
  • Fixed detection if non-power-of-2 textures are supported by the graphics card and the graphics card driver, so bitmap fonts should work much better now