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Release date

2003-2005 for Windows, Linux and Mac

Note: v2 and v3 were updated at the same time, and then merged to Graal v4 in 2005


v3 has several little improvements over the old Graal, more will be added soon. Here a list of the new things:

  • polygons and texts can be transparent, so you can use the script commands showpoly and showtext together with changeimgcolors and changeimgmode
  • onwall2(x,y,width,height) to test a rectangular area for blocking things
  • more efficient speach support, it should work on Linux too when microphone support is installed
  • support for 24bit-pngs and jpegs

Things that are not supported anymore:

  • setbackpal
  • playersays()


This versions fixes many bugs:

  • when using the mill and well on Graal Kingdom the game doesn't crash anymore
  • ships are visible now, also the steering man is displayed correctly
  • when selecting another language in the starting window then the options window etc. have text now (english text instead of being empty)
  • you can connect to private servers by typing a part of the name of a private server in the box under the server list, then pressing <return>
  • pushing and pulling stones on classic servers work
  • when walking diagonal you don't see messed up tiles rectangles anymore
  • a bug with the textwidth() function has been fixed, a new function textheight(zoom, font, styles) has been added
  • server-side tiles-editing on gmaps is supported now:
    • the client displays the changed tiles when a server-side script changes tiles and does the command updateboard
    • saving of the tiles will be added soon
  • looped sounds are played correctly


Beside several major bug fixes this release also includes the new additions from Graal v2.21:

  • faster network code, less traffic & lag
  • tiles are updated when downloaded
  • the playerlist is sorted, most recent pm at the top
  • the playerlist is only half-transparent now, so you see the player names easier
  • scripts can directly trigger clientside weapons
  • ganis work on the stats layer, animations shown with showani are animated
  • resizing of the window works better
  • the weapon list displays weapons and folders correctly, a memory leak with displaying weapon folders have been fixed
  • added a transparency check for gifs:
    • the algorithm tries to fix the transparency of the image when the transparent index was set to the wrong palette entry (wrong index but same color)
    • this works for most cases, for fixing pngs use the updated gif2mng
  • fixed warping problems
  • problems with freezeplayer fixed, it's actually working now so that you can play servers like Graal2001


Following bugs have been fixed:

  • when you relogin to a server then you don't see the other player twice
  • fixed the problem with empty lines on the playerlist
  • the history of the chat edit field doesn't remember empty lines anymore
  • images displayed by serverside npcs on gmaps are displayed now (showimgs)
  • script functions screenx and screeny are working now


v3.04 enables the third tab on the serverlist. It lists all playerworlds that are under construction, but want to be visible so that players can already check it out. The third tab is only visible to players with gold account or VIP account. The best servers of that tab are moved to the classic server list.

Other changes:

  • the window is resizable
  • when moving the mouse outside the window then the in-game cursor disappears, and you can see the standard mouse when moving the mouse over the caption and borders
  • added horsestill.gani to the installer so that horses appear (linux and mac versions)
  • the player movement uses the classic onwall check so that v3 users don't have disadvantages on playerworlds (on previous v3 releases there was a more precise block check)
  • fixed a problem in PMs which sometimes added a "" around lines
  • new script variable 'gravity'
    • when you change that variable then the behaviour of projectiles changes - by default the z attribute of a projectile is decreased by 2 each second (0.1 each frame)
    • if you increase the gravity, then the arrows fall down faster, if you decrease the gravity then arrows fly longer
    • if you decrease the gravity and shoot it in a low angle (between 0 and 0.5) you can easier simulate pistoles or guns
    • don't forget to change the gravity variable on both client and server side (note: with v5.1 this is not needed anymore)
  • new scripting variable 'downloadsize':
    • when the graal client is currently downloading a big file (>32k) then this variable contains the size of the file
    • using downloadpos, downloadsize and #D you can check if a file is currently downloaded can display a process bar or similar


  • fixed a bug with the script command 'destroy' - that bug sometimes crashed the client, e.g. when touching the green slime on Zone