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Release date

2003-2004 for Windows


Graal v2.2 is not really a major release, but is bringing better support for internationalization and online-tile-editing.

  • support for multi-byte text in signs:
    • this is needed for languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese
    • a Korean version of Graal Kingdoms is planned
  • server-side tile changes work on gmaps too - with updateboard/2 tiles can be sent to the client, saving will be added soon
  • new scripting function textheight(zoom,font,style):
    • calculates the height of text displayed with the given zoom factor, font name and style
    • textheight(1,,) gives the height of the standard font used for showimg/showtext
    • the style is a string with the letters b (bold), or i (italic), the other styles don't really make sense
    • the font name and font style are generaly not influencing the height a lot
  • several little bug fixes


In this version the network traffic has been reduced drastically, that should make the game less laggier. There are also a few other updates. These things apply for v3.03 too.

  • when a tiles-image has been downloaded all tiles using that image are redrawn, so preventing messed up screens when entering a room with new tiles
  • when weapon scripts do 'showani' then the used ganis can do gani-scripting too (e.g. for displaying nice effects on status bar)
  • server-side scripts can do 'triggeraction 0,0,clientside,weapon,params' to directly trigger the client-side part of weapon of the player - catch it with 'if (actionclientside) actions;'


v2.22 enables the third tab on the serverlist. It lists all playerworlds that are under construction, but want to be visible so that players can already check it out. The third tab is only visible to players with gold account or VIP account. The best servers of that tab are moved to the classic server list.

Other changes in this version:

  • the script command showani works better on stats layer: the body image is drawn correctly
  • new script variable 'gravity':
    • when you change that variable then the behaviour of projectiles changes - by default the z attribute of a projectile is decreased by 2 each second (0.1 each frame)
    • if you increase the gravity, then the arrows fall down faster, if you decrease the gravity then arrows fly longer
    • if you decrease the gravity and shoot it in a low angle (between 0 and 0.5) you can easier simulate pistoles or guns
    • don't forget to change the gravity variable on both client and server side (note: with v5.1 this is not required anymore)
  • new scripting variable 'downloadsize':
    • when the graal client is currently downloading a big file (>32k) then this variable contains the size of the file
    • using downloadpos, downloadsize and #D you can check if a file is currently downloaded can display a process bar or similar